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Homer Custodio Feb 2019
I think you might like this book – "Phases of Love: Poems on Infatuation, Love, Heartbreak and Hope" by Homer Custodio.

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Homer Custodio Feb 2019
I have already forgotten you.
I am a fool if I say that
I still love you,
You no longer matter to me
It's impossible that
I always remember our times together
I am already moving on;
It is a great lie when I say
I still miss you badly.
I must tell you what's in my heart.
Reverse Poem
Homer Custodio Jan 2019
I travelled this far just to see you.
To gaze at your deep eyes full of mystery.
To appreciate your smile that's heavenly to behold.
You are beautiful beyond compare, that looking away for a while seems like missing you forever.
Now, you sit across me, and I not wanting to lose sight of you.
How can I let this moment last forever?
Homer Custodio Jan 2019
You are like a glass of absinthe infused in my system.
Just finished one line.

— The End —