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Sam the lynx Feb 17
You feed off the unborn,
devouring their souls,
eat their hearts,
and for what else,
than to feel complete.
Sam the lynx Feb 17
Tearing my world down.
Growing anew.

I met the end of what’s mine
Alone, starting over.

Obstructed paths lies ahead,
Let no time go to waste.

Always in a hurry,
Don’t forget to slow down.

To catch me from free falling,
When our house caves in.
Sam the lynx Feb 17
A poignant notion of life.
Sad boys
Sam the lynx Feb 14
Take me with you,
back to land of dreams.

Where you’re queen,
and I your king.

Your sweetest voice,
guiding me home.

Don’t leave me behind,
let’s escape our torment.

Together forever,
until we wither away,

my blossoming viola.
Sam the lynx Jan 26
The only thing I’m good at is being drunk.
Sam the lynx Jan 17
End this misery,
I can’t stand it anymore.
Beginning again.
Sam the lynx Jan 15
I’m leaving this place.
Never to return.
For elsewhere, a far away place.
I’m through, with this world,
so have my goodbyes.
Those tuesdays.
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