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Philipp K J Jul 21
Is it a rare coincidence or an accident
As I recline to a bench a spider to descend
Gliding in air landing on my right arm?
I caught him and let him without harm.
"Let him not **** him". Once I did. Now with a sigh (,) I send.
Jul 10 · 34
Philipp K J Jul 10
But why did you let her to the torture?
You allowed the queen to have fourteen bruises
To be stabbed forty times, by the butcher
Is it for her love towards You, Master
That she had to pay the price to a traitor?
The saint who loved You and was alone
Did You walk with her along the pasture?
Why did You let her to be killed and thrown?
Is humiliation Your divine crown?

But when the lonely saint's body mangled,
Could You hold her live soul, as You promised?
Holding did You stand by her side enthralled?
To welcome and hold her hand to be kissed
Or did You leave her alone in the wild?
As her life blood oozed out to the road side
As humanity ran away cold and chilled
Leaving her body numbed to lifeless fold
Did you stand to honor her faith profound?

Who that sent her alone, is responsible?
Am I not liable to give a reply
Being a part of His tabernacle?
All saints are lonely, even as they die
Is it the pay, the price of staunch disciple?
Yes people run away from those who cry
Even the best comrades are changeable
In times of prosperity swarm like flies
In hardship time they run away like mice

Was it an omen that the bus got cancelled
Cancelled the trip to scheme the ritual ****
Near the Snehasadan convent she smelled
The plotting to end her at Nachanbore Hill
For cold blooded slaughter a seat will be held
The bus named Kapil decked as a hearse
The murderers three had venomous blade
Broke a coconut and teased her to rehearse
The ****** with multiple maims with curse

If she were like a lamb of meekness
The sacrifice would have ended in one stroke
But she was brave, like a lone lioness,
Like David she was in a woman's cloak
Being a nun of virtuous righteousness
The devil had to inflict forty knife wounds
Fourteen bruises to shut her call to Jesus
She definitely fought like lioness

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me
He anointed me to preach the Good News"
Wasn't she following Your decree
Proclaiming  release to the debt ridden natives
Giving of sight to tribal community
Setting at liberty those oppressed captives,
Proclaiming the acceptable year of thee?
Does the path of sainthood cost such hefty fee?

But lord You promised even the good thief
Entry to join You in heaven the same day
Then how much You would care for her belief
Who talked Your words in life and walked Your way
Suffered fourteen bruise and forty wounds of knife
How happily You would usher her way
Having taken her among the Blessed Saints
To pay layman's thanks and prayers to say
On earth too she inspires those who admire
And want to follow You Jesus our Savior
Jul 7 · 28
Philipp K J Jul 7
With a bunch of lilies in hand
I met father and gave it to his hands
I yearned to have a farewell photo, indeed
And father was cordial and happily agreed

We both stood, father and I
A callow fellow took my phone
To take the picture of father and I
I wanted to show him the camera icon
He said he knew everything, would try
Scrolling down the screen on his own

Patiently we stood, father and I
Father was cordial with me
And stood happily for the snap
I loved the moment
A proud moment
Close to father I stood
The cassock was like the lilies he held
Pure and freshly iron pressed it smelled
Breathless I stood for a while
Then impatiently a little

The man seemingly mad could not find the icon
And I took a step forward
Snatched my cell phone from his hand
By now someone called father from behind
Some one more important than I
We'll take it later  he said bye

Stunned I was sad and turned blue
My dream did not come true
I turned my head with a deep sigh
And saw father moving away
And my dream drifting away
Leaving a clear cognitive
Still, free of plastic, negative
Of "Father and I"  
Do not ask me a print
For I cannot make reprints
Philipp K J Jul 2
Dear All, I'm sorry
I was told to smile
But I couldn't hold my tears
They cracked jokes saying
I look like a bride
But I could not smile
My curved pale lips turned a smiley
But my eyes flooded with tears..

I felt something unusual when they bathed me and dressed me with cotton Saree and blouse and  dabbed
My face with talcum powder and combed and tied my hair.

They were busy putting on golden studs in my ears and a long golden chain on my neck. I knew death is near. I heard and I felt death.. close behind me.

My favorite cloth smelt death
The golden chain and ear rings
Were chiming death knells
I could not smile.
For who can smile at the face of death.
My grand daughter seems to have seen my heart.
She held my both cheeks in her soft hands and kissed me and pressed her rosy cheeks against mine.

No sweetie I am not crying something went into my eyes...
I comforted her.
Yes dear. Something went. I wiped...

The photographer took the snap and it was good. But my flooded eyes betrayed the gurgling hot tears I was holding beneath my throttle..
Sorry... Sorry,  I know this is my post death photograph.....Obituary Photo!

I wished I could have posed for a better snap..pardon me I am sorry!
May 4 · 28
Philipp K J May 4
Covid from Hell's unknown cellar
Meddler, the men's mercy killer
Out of fear the Heaven's plenty
Hell in due course will be empty
Sends the war team killer thriller

Breaching ozone shred their horns
Rolling down the human zone
Blow their clones on human forms
To fill their lungs with white venom
And with tattered souls return home

The Soldier scouts; browbeat with frown
Shouts out 'go corona go'
Candle lights to frighten Covid
Showers of flowers to brighten David
I've dethroned, Corona gone

The havoc done; still the battle's on
Missiles and trials go on 'midst groan
People throng around clouts at rallies
Whilst the dead are gutted  at gullies
And their kids and kin bemoan

Leaders toil to tally the spoils
Cadres boil in corporate veils
Corona blitz with double mutant
Smite the poor and the self content
Whilst the captain camps the perils

Trioxygen shield climate change
Science challenge devils
Covid muffled, the Hoax wax in
Whilst death rolls in diabolic spin
And deliver the  sucker punch
Apr 14 · 30
Brown Butterfly
Philipp K J Apr 14
Hey super star
Brown prince butterfly
Sleepy eye caps coy
Smiley pliant ploy
Happy Brilliant boy
Moving up and down
Festive floral crown
Golden blossom tend
Galloping on the wind
Humming frolic loon
Catch up, match up soon
The eloping fragrance scent
The fleeing princess bends
On the gaily silent friend
The Cocktails made
Chilling sweet tide
Fiery floral flame
Glitter sparkle tame
Splutter splatter clime
Feast is served in time
Guests delight in fine
Butterfly pose
Probe in poise
Fingertips minuscule
Tickle tackle pinnacle
Happy snappy exchange
Next gen message
Supernova dies
Life's turn of dice
Rolls to darkest phase
Its a different case
Tobe born again
New journey to gain
A life of better fly
To ply with the wind
The superstar kind
To play the gay
Brown prince butterfly.
Philipp K J Apr 2
Just a third of a bushel o' wheat
Washed and drained to dry in sunlight
Nine to three is the intense heat
Lifting on his left shoulder plate
He cried, Lord what a deadly weight
Laser look beams on mental screen
The via Dolorosa slate
The fall on the third station scene

Under weight of wheat, gleaned and clean
Tobe dried, ground, battered with yeast
The staggered steps to sunroof lean
Yet Lo!  On the last night feast
Lowering Himself to the least
Offered Himself as living bread
The weight of wheat thought got released
As the promise gained over head

Its all to be a little Christ
To keep the life treasure unpriced
Philipp K J Mar 8
“Happy women’s day Ladies
It’s not the old serpentine tale, of course!
You cute, sweet, lovely, freebies
Darling, loving, adorable force
Excelling even the nature of creator!
Source of Solace, all men’s Curator
I come to sell you a new Age Fruit!
This you need not eat -just have it
And you will become the God Himself!”
Yes! Its time you assert yourself!
On this Happy Women’s day.

Thank you so much Mr. Serpent tales man!
Thanks for your wonderful words and sales plan
We are not of the old end of eternity
When the Lady fell on your selling skill,
Yet we appreciate your audacity
Your prowess and rumor mill!

Sorry! you cannot any more use us
As we are already with Jesus!
So be Happy Its Women’s Day!
Its our day and have a nice day!
Philipp K J Jan 1
O here goes the Twenty Twenty
The weary wagon mortuary
Wades  and fades into memory

We all travelled at a huge cost
Some of our beloved ones lost

Masked, perfumed we lived and  learned
With the brunt of death arround
We prayed and stayed close to God
With hope we may break the shroud

At last here at the boundary
I can see an obituary
I look and read with scare
"Death, you are  no more fear!"

And in the light I am shocked to see
The same old Twenty twenty
In a new light and hue
holding a little One!

May be this one is the new born
Inheritance of future crown!
May be it is the new brown
May be you had better not frown!
Dec 2020 · 26
Philipp K J Dec 2020
O dear infant Jesus
We heard of your humble birth
The word incarnate salt of earth
They said is born to redeem us

The seed and source of wisdom
The truth and way to Gods kingdom
The Prince who shakes devil's fiefdom
O dear loving infant Jesus

You are the child of eternity
Marvel and master of humanity
I wish to give my felicity
O fuel and fire; lamp and light
I would sing and dance at your sight

CORONA cannot stop my salam
Though I cannot reach Jerusalem
If you wish so, please bless my home
Immanuel, a little Bethlahem

O lamb of God; light of world
O Spotless sacrifice sublime
Open my eyes to see the word
Stretch and touch my conscience's clime

Give me strength to keep off the sounds
And fury of the external bounds
Bind and drag me to your freedom
Even if it costs a martydom

And blind me to see your choice
And deafen me to hear your voice
To sing praises with your graces
O dear loving infant Jesus

Hope my voice reaches you with poise
With the right chim and charm of toys.
Yours Lovingly
Your beloved handmade.
Philipp K J Nov 2020
On a sun tanned Sunday noon
The rays are mildly intense
The day is full of events
Street hawkers' horn calls
Ring along narrow walls
Birds sound copious shrill
Proclaim their language skill
"Family Family
We are On Tree, On Tree"
"Caw-Caw" many broods
Tweet in funny moods
On a sun tanned Sunday noon.

The shadows become longer soon
A baboon sneaks in with a spoon
Can I scoop a spoonful of corn?
A squirrel too wooed by this goon
Queues beneath the sun panel boon
Drowsy brown cats on the porch
Perch and watch the girls from church
A draft of air brings to eyes
Smell of smoked chicken thighs
Whiffs of mutton stew stench
With alcoholic punch
From reveling liquor saloon
On a sun tanned Sunday noon
Philipp K J Oct 2020
Corona, you have set us free
From shackles of modernity
Gatherings and festivity
Eating and chatting at street carts
Meetings and dating with sweet hearts
Corona you have set us free

Sitting on the beach without speech
Red golden cheeks silently teach
The love laden rays how to bleach
Sans proximity build amity
Find unity without enmity
Praise Almighty sans community
How to make e-mails without file
Keeping down the bile how to smile
How to tell in truth I miss you guys
Masking our mouths with ties
Corona you have set us free
Oct 2020 · 40
Gall Paintings of a Girl
Philipp K J Oct 2020
The dim lit wall screened figures, human forms,
Woman or man with long hair tangles
Sitting on horse, drifting on a floating home
A man stands on the banks with goggles

A lady with crook looks down through her nose
Laughing or mocking extends her hand deep-
Etchings; while by her side the siblings cling close
To their parents warm waving ******* in sleep.

The cold hands startle her being misplaced
Strangle holding breath she should faintly rhyme;
"Mom I,  can I have? your hand to embrace?"
For it would help her pass the sleep incline.

A heavy hot hand her mom would poke out
Snugging the hand she would squirt out high  
And fade into deep space like a rocket
Leaving behind flights of hot silent sigh.

But in the middle of nights intervals
She will feel her hands embracing the void
Then the vague fluid figures of mural marvels
Will smile or stare like sleepless wanton Freud

Long later in life she knew they were all
Forms of her gall painting her virtual role
Oct 2020 · 52
The Fire Dance
Philipp K J Oct 2020
Fire began its dance
Stretching fiery hands
Unloosing hair bands
In golden array
Basics of ballet
Pas de Bourree
Ethereal sway
Floating in trance
At fireplace entrance
Blaze in bright intense
Vermilion gold
Silky fluid fold
From bed of ashes
Burning log gnashes
Gnarling scary fangs
Ruddy tongues spread long
Glaring fiery wings
Stepping out touching
Swiping and hopping
Breaking and locking
Lapping and tapping
dancing and dancing
Under round bottom
In still eves of autumn
Holding emotion
Without commotion
Stretching enfolding
The sleek *** belly
From center it slips
To sides of its hips
From the hot mud hearth
Play display in mirth
Engaging hot fans
Steady doting glance
Rubbing with muscles
Around the hot vessels
The fire began its dance
To heat the meat pans
Oct 2020 · 195
Philipp K J Oct 2020
“Get away you wretched thing!” They shouted at their top of voice
At the sight of the dog in the parking lot, the white and black spotted dog
Timid yet sharp at human voice and weak yet wary in movements poise
It responds by walking, sneaking quivering, an outcast hurt by slog
Sniffing around while moving and resting coiled like spotted pod
Nudging close to a vehicle’s tyre, soon turn off to sleeping mode.

Whenever he wants to take bike he can't without waking the dog.
“Sorry Bro” he blurts voluntarily as he takes his bike out.
The dog would rise without hype even when his wheel would hog
Its fur coat or tail and even its ear lobes  should get hurt
The dog would jump up and at once shake off its whole body
Yawn and whine to say it’s unhampered by anybody

In the evenings, he sees  when he comes home from office
This displaced one placed coiled on the door mat outside.
It  makes him shout at top of  voice, “this nasty thing would have fleas”
And mites on its body and it might get inside and all side"
As if feeling guilty, it jumps and moves away without any fuss
The overwhelming shout provokes this beggar to know its poor status.

The little daughter of his takes some food secretly for this idiot
With the same amount of secrecy it will take the food and eat of it.
This same silent beggar, will jump and play with her like a hero prince-let
The moment his daughter returns from school and opens the front  iron-gate.
If he happens to be near shouts at daughter to be careful
The sad stray dog will move away from her like a page heedful

When he opens gate it sniffs and in a somnambulist like twist
Moves to the corner, rolls and falls  down for a  sleep, tail still wagging
Yet the secret play with his daughter persists like a romantic tryst
In his presence, a strange sense of guilt and shame pulls its head down sagging
Sometimes the dog evokes in him  sympathy scores galore
Giving impressions of an orphan
of forlorn folk lore

He begins to think of the life of this dog.
Who provides food and water to this dog?
Does it drink from the bucket kept for washing the car?
Who gives it food when it feels hungry?
The philanthropist in him gets diverted by a sudden phone call  
Some matters of greater value, than  the thought of a dog could enthrall.

Such dogs are plenty on this planet, in a larger context
This parking plot with him, his daughter and the dog in center
The protagonist evokes his sympathy in the pretext
Of loving and engaging his
daughter in genuine laughter
The dog sleeps on the cold cement floor during the winter showers
Indeed it needs some warm blanket to cover the chiller shivers

Aside he says “I am here to serve my children,
None parts the food meant for his child”. But the humble
Persistently praying Canaanite woman’s refrain
“Even poor dogs eat leftovers of masters table”
Fills him with impressions to shape his imagination
The dog turns into a virtual
master of cognition

This master with its antics emits symbols that fall on him with clarity
Like the light beaming on a silent pool giving deeper visibility
He grows wiser like the dog with its probable sensibility
“Lord, I eat the leftovers that fall from Your table Eternity.
Make me an instrument of your love to serve all with humanity"
Once he sees the dog with patches on its coat, sleek furs shedding  
Abominable smell and shape of patches drive people to yell
He spreads some antibiotic twice a day and prays, hands spreading
A few days later he sees the dog shining bonnebell.
“Thank you God, you heard my prayers and for your intercession
But O Bro, I thank you for penning with your intervention”.
Oct 2020 · 42
Philipp K J Oct 2020
What is man in the whole of universe?
A bubble of pride; a drop in ocean.
what is his right on earth to boast or curse
A bug under mercy; a wink's motion

The pomp and show, drink and dance, flirting years
Game and fame, the might and fight cannot save
The goons, tycoons everyone bears  for fear
Are just stubbles on field, grass on the grave.

The hands that **** oil earth's whirling axle
That strong hold the rolling sphere steering firm
The hands that helm the howling storm calm home
The same spread light hues on mornings mantle

The same pour mercy on men's mighty plan
The same do crown the blade of grass
That's man
Aug 2020 · 47
Philipp K J Aug 2020
What a frightful sight  – Not a tinge of Temperance
Bending down to pick a stone aiming right across the storm
Marching down lower lanes preaching on Tolerance
Searching for proper times for scratching on others' pomp

What a fleet of troll on such role models of fame
Sending down the nerves such shivers to core values
Tease the preach, uproot the sprouts is their wanton game
Spending time in learning should expand their purview.

Stay at home, warm your room; turn off that hot hate news.
Be a stone against storm and build up calm at home
Wash your hands unmask the lamps, read St. John’s good news
Sing a hymn in praise of God - love Him as a norm.

The stark cerebral games, that viral news spiral
Can’t rival a single parable of Bible
Apr 2020 · 149
Black Beetle
Philipp K J Apr 2020
Hello Black Beetle
Bellow Dark Cattle
Flock in a dim cloak
At eleven O' clock
Are you still in ghetto?
  Or heading to metro?
Apr 2020 · 66
Philipp K J Apr 2020
Did I fail to know?
The arms that held me safe
The soft voice drum beat
that kept my dream sweet
The hands that fed me,
breathed in lovely life
The kind tender heart
with extreme  treat

Did I fail the mud
set for me to tread
The light that hovers
still did I fail to see?
The air I breathe:
The leaves that coolness shed
Those silent hands
that extend to care me!

Did I try to know,
He who washed my eyes?
He who wiped my ears,
shaped my unique face
Did I try to know? -
In a moment's pause
When life woke me up;
life lifted my cause

Did I fail to know
Who am I to HIM?
Did I know "I AM"
is His synonym?
Philipp K J Apr 2020
JUS... A L......L. ............LO... ...G.....O..D!
Philipp K J Feb 2020
Noor Alam dear what could I do for you?
Your proper name stands for light of the world
Gone are the light and the color and hue
From your eyes and your face darkness covered

Yet you lay alone on the playground slide
Easy and cozy as on a mother's lap
When all the inmates with that syndrome hide
Not wanting to show the guests their mishap

You cling the ladder rails resting your head
On the slippery slide lay  listening calm
I do not know a bit of what you said
Except for the name you lisped 'Nooralam'

Your growth and look matching a UKG
Yet, weak and weighed down under languid love
The ladder forms a mother Emoji
Beckons 'hurry and hug me heathen mom'

Lying quiet with ears close to metal sheet
As you try hard listening to her heart beat
Does she respond to your cling to her feet?
Else why should you sneak away to this seat?

Does she cry or sing to you lullaby?
Or do you see angels laugh and play near by
Else what prompts you to come and lay lonely?
And watch with your closed eyes some mystery!

Noor Alam dear what could I do for you?
We have been joyful making fuss and fun
Bright and delightful singing songs anew
But failed to see your play with shades and none

Our commotions and haughty naughty plays
Shed shadows on your whimsy flimsy ways
Our races are rude reckless and intense
Unaware of your lowly lonely presence.....
(On 16.02.2020 we visited Infant Jesus Childrens Home, Kothanur. Where around 110 *** positive inmates are taken care of. After lunch all inmates had gone to their rooms.
But Noor Alam a 3-4 year old kid climbed on the slippery slide and laid himself prostrate on the play ground slide expressing his intimacy with the equipment)
Philipp K J Dec 2019
Hi baby bread O' life so sweet
My joy you lay on hay of wheat
Hi Mary uptight yet so coy
Your eyes soar high and heart so buoy

Hi man beside the baby dear
Why the' look with so much fear?
He's the light of all the lights
Sent on earth with Gods delight

Let the world sing Gloria
Sing his praise hallelujah
The king of kings born
The might of sin is torn

Lo, herdsmen I'm lords messenger
A good-news borne I'm due here
At Bethlehem in Judea
A King of kings' born
A king for Israel you own
Go, find him on a manger
Past fence and pens and cages
Beside the Inns' passages

Let me greet the three; you sages
Seeking Lord for some ages
Caspar, Melchior, Balthazar
Come follow the guiding star

Bring frankincense, myrrh and gold
To gift the glory of the lord
The journey moves on symphony
Will end with Lord's epiphany

The king of kings born
The might of sin is torn
Let’s sing his glory and praise
And set smiles on every face

Let the world sing Gloria
Sing his praise hallelujah
The king of kings born
The might of sin is torn
A Christmas Gift to All my dear ones!
Wish you Merry Christmas and A Happy New year 2020 ahead!
Philipp K J Oct 2019
Oh! eyes that tilt towards the voice
They turn and roll to catch the toys
Oh! eyes the black two foal cuties
Attempt to jump to call beauties
The light the sounds the shadow patch
The shouts of laughter softer touch
Mother of three is still so free
To watch the babe's curious glee
Little Francis cling and hang
On George's hands to sing a song
The gentle breeze her sister Trees-
'a comes and plays a hide and seek.
Last Sunday 20.10.2019, my wife and myself visited my friend Mr. George's new born baby.
Aug 2019 · 144
Philipp K J Aug 2019
Truth was planted in aged couples
It jumped and pulled the cord
Hail, lo! Here comes  the lord
I'm not worthy to hold his buckles

I'm of water he is of spirit
Both are with herds  among the jackals
Caught in wilderness fitted with shackles
I'm the old will he's to do merit

Head of truth gets severed and thrown
The will sprauts watered by spirit
Bread could prevail on dead woods credit
Yet truth gets crushed to win its own crown

Truth is the word of  God and his way
Word is life of God he gave away
Aug 2019 · 225
Philipp K J Aug 2019
Tears gushed
surpassing the cry
Fears gazed
causing it to dry
Warmth of the hearts
Froze in rubbles
Sobs of the breaths
Chocked in mumbles

The dancing rain
Of lovely screen
Lost its smiling
lively sheen
The wafting tasty
Kitchen smell
Paused in a fill of
debris hell

Temple lights
and canteen delights
Crumpled dark in
a flash of lights

Oh hand that fed
This lovely valley
Are we not value
In your tally?

The flowered hill
Was proud of itsef
My mired will
was fond of myself
The house I owned
The wife I found
Empires I built
On mental marsh
You kid and cast
Like spits in trash
Washed off all
in a playful haste
Buried all in a muddy paste

I didnt know the strokes
Of your brush
Could blow with such
a deadly crush

Oh I never knew
You could wipe
Out with such dark
force in one swipe

You counted the sheep
And found the lost
She set the lamp
Began to sweep
To seek the coin
She loved the most.

He sets the table
Feasts his return
Cooks the fat lamb
To feed his men

Your plays are cruel merciful
Dilly dally not with the poor
You send fears
and tears to we men
Then turn the sky
bright and hopeful
We settle with all our mettle
Soon steals in your dark fresh omen.

Your sums
are beyond our asumes
Your tallies
we miss totally
We presume
all in our resume
Yet your views
are beyond our purviews.
Aug 2019 · 156
Philipp K J Aug 2019
The ocean waves pave the way
For their snow-white kids to play
Up and down they wash the sands
Set the soft kids on the  banks

Spartan waves spring back sprightly
Hardened furls fling up brightly
Command its kids in rough voice
Stay back at shore to rejoice

The foam kids line up sulking
Parents persist on bulking
The uniform foams get toiled
The froth kids tend to be spoiled
Jun 2019 · 155
Philipp K J Jun 2019
I can fathom only a few yards Lord
Merely of your kindness and need more time
To look at all other virtues that God
You freely bestow from your lofty clime

I sigh and feel troubled aches at the core
Of my heart as I see the long spent years
Without knowing passing a playful tour
On earth I could have sought guidance of yours

Now the given time is almost spent Lord
Can I cover and catch up what I lost
Can you show me ways that I might afford?
Run-view and tower your treasures almost

For Lord I know you love my everything
Even when I failed you kept me breathing
Philipp K J Jun 2019
Your light is bright
Upon black and white
Your fire of love
Generously glows
Deep, high or low
Liberally flows
To fill the hills
Golden daffodils
Foliar green
Countryside serene
Your light is bright
Upon black and white

Lives you design
Uniquely assign
Projects unasked
Seal and sign unmasked
Foolproof approved
Make unique mark proved
Your light is bright
Upon black and white

The house you built
For the sake of  men
They had no guilt
To spoil this haven
Using freedom
Amuse in *****
Forget the fire
Creative desire
The fire of love
The light that's above
Source that forces  
Control men's courses.

Still your love kindles
Still your kindness fills

Your light is bright
Upon black and white
Your fire of love
Liberally flows
Philipp K J Jun 2019
Call it a day come back to me
Fierce the storm frolic in freak
Stress on and shake guy lines on quay
Fear grips the heart the mast looks weak
Tides roll out high like snakes with wings
I tie my raft on near by fence
Come back to me the voice still rings
Strong soft sound sacred soothing sense
Gentle arms wave warm welcome call
"Set and rest in your father's hall."

Th­e smoke, clock stroke the call for socks
The books iron box and school van's horn
Scaring the walls Tiffin box falls
Piecemeal songs from mobile ring tone
Smile waves bye-bye mopping up curls
Turning to rest from morning fret
A voice intrude bringing unrest.
"A very happy Women's day!"

That sound is high that startling cry
The turbulence did hardly subside
An ambulance flies howling by
A creak a crash, a rush beside
I C U through sealed chamber hole
And stand out all the overnight haul
As bills pile up and **** the soul
Encounter loans who bothers at all!
They start to wish a happy day
A fathers day or someones day!

Is my day as God wanted it
Every day be a peaceful day
Every day be the Father's day
Every day holy Mother's day
Every day  be a saint soul's day
Every day be every ones day
Every day be god given day!

Can you see the creator god
Can you listen  to voice of god
Can you feel the presence of god
Or touch and taste the peace of god

And sing the hymn of praise to Him
To burn the flame of light of Him
To live in bliss and peace with Him


Poor man's faith lost in lord's precept
Swept away by evil concept
Lost in building all wanton lust
Bear burden of unending list
To fulfill in this brief visit

God's call back is loud and clear
I created all for you dear
Just come back and see for yourself
Environment's around your self
Father Son and Holy spirit
Men and women do well merit
So call it a day and come back and see
Come back and come back to me!
So call it a day and come back to me
Come back and come back to me.
Philipp K J May 2019
Imaculee Ilibegiza
Dear I couldn't tell ye because Oh!
We wanted ye take flight sudden
The river of family to flow
Through ye our Compassion-ed maiden!

As you darted into darkness of night
We plunged into prayers on our knees
Holding the cross to our ***** tight
Way of the cross brought in us peace.

We know the enemy will come
Will ****** us all sparing none.
We were preparing our souls to numb
All the while praying for you brave nun.
Imaculee should flow eternally
A river of love and forgiveness.

Our hearth didn't fire since you left in fear
We burn in prayers as we hear
The enemy drum beats as it nears
Our dear home to put us to fires
But be calm dear, we are not in  fears.
We are in the power of our lord
We believe death cannot defeat
Let it trample under its dark feet.

Safe hands of god is with you we know
My friend is of enemy tribe though
But only to Lord does he subscribe
He will guide you safely somehow.

The enemy's blood stain smells the air
Hark, dear, every corner death lurks
Searching blood of innocent tribesmen
Women and children they  don't spare
Infants too they **** as kids of snakes.

If the most learned of them boasts the crime
Sure the devil had owned man this time
My child, Lee, I want you to flow
As the river of our family,
Flowing with forgiveness and love.
My love and deep kisses to my dear
Any time they'll tear us into pieces
But we are with our all time Jesus
We know your love will join the lord
And flow as the river of the word
Flowing eternally with love and forgiveness.
Hark! The enemy knocks at the door
Imaculee Ilibegiza
Dear I cant tell ye becoz.. Oh!
Philipp K J May 2019
As the dancing rain's toasting
The wooing wind is boasting.
Chin chin the rain drops cheering
On the roasting concrete roofing.

Cleaning the wind went goofing
Around the window curtains
Throwing the dusty dry leaves
Tweeting the twigs on fountains
Beating the rain wet hot heaves
Of love laden sighs certain
Wanting to dance with  dear rain
Wooing her love in prime time...

Chin chin they rhyme the refrain
The coy rain slip from his grips
Whisking they fall flat holding
Each others hands unfolding
The wind to chase their lean hips
Bending they freak into creaks
As the dancing rain's toasting
The wooing wind is boasting
'Midst this mid-summer hustings.
Apr 2019 · 361
Philipp K J Apr 2019
You can't, upon his blood
You, evil cluttered minds
You boast on cruel blast
Spilt blood of your own kinds
What harm to you they caused
To pause their voice of praise?
You failed to nail the arms
Then sneak in without grace
Met out bombs on their palms
To seal the world of god
A deed with devils word

The wood He hung on nails
They hail as Holy Cross
The blood that filled the grails
Still ooze out for His cause

He bailed you out from sins
Carved his church on rock
And turned his cross its fins
To guide and lead you folk

Brute you persecute him
Still profane too his hymn
You wound and let them bathe
Bleeding rivers of faith

The more you try to hush
The words explode afresh
Rest in peace? None retires
But join Line of martyrs
Rise in revolt and flocks
Flank around messiah
Guarding their men from shocks
Singing alleluia
Up in arms with soul's sword
Praising glory to lord
Torrent gospel verses.
Fiends, your pride reverses.

You Can't, Upon his blood!

You evil cluttered minds.
Apr 2019 · 190
Philipp K J Apr 2019
Let your gloomy hearts rise
Let your lips sing praise
For the lord has risen
From gory deaths prison
With sacrifice and pain
Mighty god has repaid
To redeem his own pawn
From dark activities
Of negativities
To restore every cause
Of life and its purpose

Lets break the sepulchres
Of selfishness and curse
Rise up in love to see
The beauty of the world
The purpose as its told
Just live and be happy
And pass it to your sons
And daughters and their sons
The happiness and funs
Are just for you to own
And leave behind in turn
To the next in your line
So let your lips sing praise
And hold your hands and raise
Kiss your friends and embrase
Just fill your living space
With Lords glory and grace
Wearing on your own face.
Philipp K J Apr 2019
"Truly" truly "I tell you" right
The rooster wont crow before you
"Disown me thrice" in this night
Truly truly I tell you!

O Lord, you do know better me
Than myself do my master great
Still you love me endlessly.

I feel helpless clueless thin
Hard to hold your love within
The confines of my dimensions
Yet claim my love in conventions
For you by mouth, full of fears
When it falls on hardened ears
Your love reveals in my tears.

O Sacred king of armies fierce
Unparalleled are your graces
Filling all your universe
That too drip my humble verse
And reach my core with hand in glove
To see my 'fallow ground' below
Weak to 'stand firm" and 'hold fast'
Yet strong to deny before crowds
Truly truly, you knew me lord
And still you love me and afford

As the rooster crew at dawn
You turned to see me break down
A look of silent caring word
That pierced my core like a sword
Flooding my soul with an ocean
Of love and waves of your passion.

Truly truly you tell me loud
In shrill voice in silent words
Your love for man does save this world
Truly truly you tell me Lord!
Apr 2019 · 355
My Self is Humbled
Philipp K J Apr 2019
My self is humbled
When I see light arround
When I hear birds sound
When fresh air persuade
Its time you rise and join
Hands with the bands
Who just do the will
Of almighty and fill
Obediance and pleasure
That makes this world
Permanance is created
By chain of trancience.
Its the beam of light
That creats this drama
Sounds and shadows
With silence and shades
Flights and blights
Strings with words
That is god!
My self is humbled!
Apr 2019 · 1.5k
Philipp K J Apr 2019
April is retirement time
Triple hot memory stream
Of months that March close behind
Febru and Janu very kind
Not far still to remember
The days of cool December
The long talks in your chamber
The sweet eves of November
Not to mention the embers
Of love that warm up members
May be rain or hay day noon
July finds an all wet June
But days come like August guests
And busy with just inquests

Time turns September Rians
forget-me not, you asters
Full of morning glory stares
You Octogenarians
All contain within a span
Of sweet memory expanse
You too collecting pension
After superannuation.

Its nice to see you colleagues
Always glad without fatigue
Chatting and pat the other
Cracking jokes on your attire
The young baby look you wear
And the nursery kid's fire.

Its all fare and just affair
One more phase to maneuver
In the course of your orbit
On face of earth to be fit
To gain and do maximal
Service  to its proximal

April too is time to thank
For the net balance in bank
And set your mind on the crank
And care for fitness and fun
To re-register and run
The vehicle with new paint
Not to shuttle and to taint
Nor to settle in confine
But to scuttle along nature
To look and learn and nurture
And listen to the pristine
Wisdom from the Lord divine.
Thanks to you all who retire
And wish you keep up the fire!
Mar 2019 · 772
Philipp K J Mar 2019
Rapt with flowing sunlight glow
That sink my heart through eyes and ears
Lives thrive around and overflow
That throb my heart with red hot tears

Butterflies move in bouncing dance
By grassland, trees and floral beds
Air is filled with voicing glance
Of warblers chirps of humming birds

The distance fades the traffic noise
Baniyan trees too absorb it
Guardian trees watch photo shoot
Of laughing plants in bridal  poise

I stop my walk at this corner
Keeping pace with mirth in heart
Look around for the saint author
Who pens and performs this live art.

Thou art the art invisible
Thou art the voicing decibel
Thou art the soothing tangible
Thou art unimaginable!
Philipp K J Mar 2019
Looking through the opaque dark
Gray sky wall's rain shower park
Eager glance beyond the frank
Whats the edge behind the blank
Giant flash fire chains break strewn
Stark down rainfed sky withdrawn
Rage in thunder frenzied dance
fighting away hauling trance
Mud stained water gush straight through
Down in mad rush outright too.

Catch up with whom I fancy
Scratching head ball too bouncy
Sky pitch look hand on door latch
The catch hit on cloudy patch
That too slip in hurry-bury flight.
Whom are they chasing to fight
Who's behind so flee in fright  
Who's fervent behind curtains
In boisterous bickering certain
Quickly turn the nature's pious
Chapter accord to chaos
With whims and sudden fancy
Who decree emergency?

Rain is billion strands in swings
Fall in troops like army wings
Once fell ground they up down spring
Scatter round in tiny strings
Sister catch and flow to reach
Big brother stream near the beach.
Philipp K J Mar 2019
Lady your service to the needy
You render with  devotion
And  surrender your body
And mind to the creation.
Just that notion may be shoddy
For the greedy convocation.

All couldn't believe that talent
Was offered to multiply
And trade in the gift god lent
To apply and amass wealth and supply.

But Hi beauty, you are a true devotee
To use the gift of almighty
To touch and heal a plenty
Of suffering hearts in this community.

Short though your presence among us
It's deep and long in a sense
The example that you profess
With simple acts and joy immense.

It's our wish you continue here
For some more time to be near
As your grace and peace are dear
To us that stand in constant fear.

Since you are a chosen one
We are blessed in your presence
And we all thank you for the lessons
That we'll sure follow in sequence.

We thank God for your sweet company
A bold humble erudite seer
with simple pure diet and cure
May God bless you with long life
Many happy peaceful one free of strife
Still to serve and instill the virtues
As offerings to return the talents due
To god in multiple folds we thank you
And in thanks your hands we hold.
Dear Lady may you fare well
All days are your day if you care you well.
Happy Woman's Day to all our dear ones!
Mar 2019 · 162
Philipp K J Mar 2019
When you called me hi friend
It's pleasure without end
You struck the cord that bound
And left me free of count.

When you called me brother
You find me close further
That cleared of all my bother
Though I'm too a father.

When you called me O dear
It shook me like a deer
You set me free to tears
With glee that flush all smears.

When you called me O son
I felt with you as one
I looked upon the sun
And everything with fun.

So now it's my concern
If allowed to take my turn
What address would you prefer
To dress and free you for ever?
Mar 2019 · 667
Philipp K J Mar 2019
You want everything excellent from him
Can't afford, understand how much he burnt
Of his self the candle, the oil turned
Low in the pail, the toil to see you can't.

Not to fail to prevail hard he takes his tool
Every time you try to derail his profile cool
With loud laments upon the un-attained
Without standing  a while in praise of what's gained.

A soothing word of grace for the acts that comprise
In fact parts of him too a human caprice.
Some eternal fuel supply the sheen
From an unknown source we believe
Hide beyond the cosmos we live.

For what he does is not his power
But whose behind him under cover
With patented rehearsal who hold
The instincts in his dream could code
And pull decode in no time with strings
His acts are bound per whose wish he springs.

But you demand him to excel and act
your script well and bewail
The one he couldn't afford the travail
The same might be against whose will
That he may over do the strain
whose strings may not hold the sprain.

But since your love is visible to him
Surrenders he like a child in its prime
But you want him to pay rent, a
For the love space you render and bill
To see your live wish currents to fulfill
Knowing or unknowing the fact a crime
That his talent circuit may get defunct
If he over loads to make you pleasant.
Note: 'You'can be either He or She in a relationship. Here the 3rd person he and his are used for convenience. It can be read substituting with  she and her in his place.
Thanks for reading :)
Philipp K J Feb 2019
Hi, every one,  I am the captain  of all disease
A micro Guerilla war lord  you strive to finish
Within the next fifty years and with catch word campaign
“IT’S TIME" as part of World TB Day (Twenty Nineteen).

Armored with mycolic acid, we are aerobic
Aerial experts invading human pulmonic
System in colonies of MBT spectrum.

Throughout the ages  my  target is  Human beings
Of all regions from Horn of Africa,  my origin.
My task and designs are to impoverish men
Kings and his men were my targets in ancient aeons.
People used many names to call me and my legions
'White plague', 'Phthisis', 'romantic disease' were common
Crazy men wanted to die embracing consumption,
A mere ‘the poor melancholy angel' assumption
To gift on the sufferer with sensitivity height
And  to slowly die with the disease of the artist
Until Rene Laennec inventing the Stethoscope.

Men realized the lesions scope and my design and art
Doctor Koch discovered the cause and effect of my start
Men like the owner of Mammoth Cave,  Dr. Croghan,
Put the sufferers into the cave  like a pagan
In the hope of curing the disease and began
To treat with the constant temperature of cave air.

I caught the German physician, Hermann Brehmer,  
Who came to the Himalayas to cure and endure
So he proved and labeled me a curable disease.
He opened a sanatorium, a place for healing
On the mountains of Silesia to treat the ailing.

Peter Dettweiler, an inspired patient of Hermann
Started one at Hesse for the afflicted He and Her man.
Edward Trudeau too was influenced by the German
And opened one at Saranac Lake's confluence.

But still we are powerful and **** millions of people
Our success rate of terror is far higher than the steeple
Chase unleashed in the Holocaust and in Hiroshima
We catch millions in latency and adapt to change
In time and try to outsmart any adept campaign!

Yet you can approach the Creator who may have a design
To defunct and re-engineer us to change and combine
Our deadly power to release us from this cruel confine.
For me too is fed up with this turbo holocaust!
Philipp K J Feb 2019
If your mind is a lake
And face the surface
I see a pure lotus flower
So pure and represent
The seat of the light
That well from the eternal source!

If your mind is a sea
And face the shore
I feel the gentle breeze
Kissing me with the depth of many oceans and nations behind.

If your mind is a universe
and face the sky
I sea the cool full moon
Pregnent with permanent
Feb 2019 · 1.1k
The whirling smoke
Philipp K J Feb 2019
Sparkling sweat beads dripping
Down his shining head and wetting
His shirt that's sticking to his fast ticking heart.
The stranger was a strange encounter
For the tea vendor at the counter  near 
 the Indian railway station.
He looked out if there were any rain
There wasn't any and couldn't restrain
"What makes thou to perspire so much?'
The man stood slowly gasping and ordered a tea
And bumped on the banana bunch
While turning to sit on a bench.

The vendor at the counter
repeated same question:
what made thou perspire so?

" O the mad rush
from station.
To retrieve the cash
He paused and said,
"my wife left at ***
End of filling the car
With rag tags
and bob tails".

She and her mother
Had  to catch the train
in time
And to be seated in fine
The only  scheduled train
half past seventeen.
I dropped them though
very relaxed.
As it were conceived
Twenty minutes ahead.
Was it not ideal with an aged
One to move unbothered?
"Then tell me why art thou sweating?"
Take the tea and be seated.
The curious vendor
came out of counter
Placed the tea on the bench
near him and sat beside
To listen to the stranger.

I waved good bye to my wife
then she asked for the cash bag
and sensed she left it at home.
No time to think
I jumped into car and shot off
Zooming in terrific zigzag
Through a flood of swelling traffic
Ten minutes remaining
My  car stopped with a crushing break
At home. I jumped and  grabbed the bag
from the side of the garage
Where she left it.
Put my hands to the shoulder tags
Perched on my two wheeler thanks
To God. I gushed out like a wind
dealing and wheeling
steering like youngsters
Rushed to the station yard
Dashed the scooter forward
Caught an auto rickshaw
The Surprised driver pull started
I  commanded to drop me
At the station entrance
Just three hundred feet distance
And threw a hundred rupee pittance
The train was hooting to commence
I did not see the couch number
Running  I asked a runner by
For B2, "to B or not to B you C"
First board the tail
and move forward inside the isle.
Without waiting for detail
I ran gasping like a runner
And in the other corner
Aghast my wife speechless
At my ghostly shape and beastly pants
Caught the costly bag from my  hands
And saw me dart the moving exit
Some one voiced me to sit
A while and rest.
The train left in disgust.
"Alas! You relax. At last
You are a winner! Right? Take tea"
The man curious though patted
And told to encourage him.

"No! Not. I am a loser!
A snake bite
Following a lightning strike!
I was gasping and sitting
On a chair on the platform
A man in black suite stood
before me, a snake with open hood
over me who ran like lightning Bolt.
"Show your entry pass",
his voice bold and told
"Or pay a fine hundred fold
The cost of a platform ticket"
I paid the bitter fine.
Is it not a snake bite behind  
A lightning strike?
Wiping out the sweat beads
with a piece of cloth he stretched his hand
For a cigarette!
The vendor helped the man to light it too
and watched his face glow up
Behind a whirling puff
Of smoke and a hot sip from tea cup.
Feb 2019 · 1.2k
The rare precious gift
Philipp K J Feb 2019
What's that rare precious gift
To present the grace of human race?
The branch of man
the land of seeds
that sprout and spread
And bear fruits
Of love that precedes
the mellow flesh and seeds
The fellow who makes the feeds
The love that filled the hills
the thrill of silent scenes
The killer will to still the love
And will to live within the love.

What's that rare precious gift
To present the face of human race?

An open heart
A winding embrace
Sweet overflowing lift
And a scintillating kiss!
will it surpass the praise?
Or suffice to surprise
Her a rare precious gift!
Jan 2019 · 3.3k
Duty in Twilight
Philipp K J Jan 2019
The western sky sweeps
Darkness to back yards
The dawning east keeps
Designing with hues
Mornings greeting cards.
Nice to see the crews
Active in writing
Fresh magic haikus
Deep in creating
Textures and sinews
With unique mixing
Of color and lures
Interspersed musings
On honeycomb verse
Soft snowflake rhymings
Draught on fragrant wings
Beams of rainbow waves
Fuse sweetness and light
Deeds of Devine Inc
Wrought in suntan ink
Duty with delight
In morning twilight
Jan 2019 · 574
Philipp K J Jan 2019
Mark the 'withered'
words  of St.Mark
Hark! The 'tethered' verse
had gathered many
smothered seeds to grow
Unbothered bards to strow
The words undithered before swords
Of proud religious crowds
Whose life is bound by
books of frigid commands.
The Sun is for all man kind
Spreading love light to all kinds.
Not for 'we' men alone
And not for 'woe' man forlorn.
Its for all unkind and kind alike.
Sun of man is a book
Of compassions with unbound leaves of love
Demands no learning to read and recite
Rewrite and reverberate
It's a book that reads and recites itself
Flows the elixir of life
It waters the withered,
Tethered, thirsty
Creating beauty
Removing dirt and disorder
The Sun of man
Returns for duty,
In uniform every morning.
Jan 2019 · 1.7k
This vast azure emptiness
Philipp K J Jan 2019
If this vast azure emptiness can prove
An aghast endless vacuum measure
Take it for granted, research process sure
It will fuel your thought resources, true.

Mining specks and dots in deep space treasures
Boundless designs shine assigning pleasures
Unfurl within mind in gaseous beams
Overflowing the banks of conscious streams
Filling the utmost sanctum with soft skills
Milling vacuum with colorful quills
Calming the pulses with embracing lulls
Warming all lives with fundamental pulls
Creating a sense of duo, I and you
Love and dislikes and points of view.
Feeling satiety in charity
Finding synergy in activity.
Minting amity in society
keeps you young aged muddling in daring dreams
Deeply engage you cuddling realms supreme.

So what? if this vast thought mine be blanked out
Will the ghost mute vacuum follow suit?
If sense aides guide a slow downward exit
And mind bids the fairy lids to close it
Will the sun bewail, bemoan and eclipse?
Or will the same smile prevail on red-lips?
If souls sunset in seamless sea of mind
Will lights spill out; team up to stay behind?
To form anew a fresh long microwave
To indent a start with a soul suave
A new spectrum to perceive the forces
For the soul that constantly resources
That differently formats transceiver courses
The energy that cannot be destroyed
But that which can be candidly portrayed
On a vast emptiness fluidly stolid
On a continuum vividly solid
On a clean canvas without dimensions
In a brave new world that cannot mention
A name which is beyond comprehension
A frame that doesn't fall on known convention.
Jan 2019 · 2.4k
Welcome Estival Festival
Philipp K J Jan 2019
Come get up!
Take out your winter wary wool.
Hark! the charming chimes of churns
Rolling red rays reaching
to raise your rugs!
See! Makara Sankranthi has come!
Jump out.
Just embrace the warm welcome sandal pasted red rays
The Indian ways,
receive the joys
gay to say a Hi!
The sun Himself has got up early!
To flag off this  Bhogi, Maggie
mithila, uttarayana,
Engall (our)
Thai pongal!
Let's basket dance with our neighbors
Ohm shanthrimantra chanting welcome Shri Makara Rashi
Wish you all Happiness
Om Suryaye namaha!
Om Mitraya namaha!
On Bhaskarsya namaha!
Om Adityaya namaha!
Oh Helios,(source of energy), Not me!
Oh Apollo... Not me!
Om Shanthi! peace! peace
To all...
Jan 2019 · 1.2k
Me and My Missing Mistress
Philipp K J Jan 2019
Hello, this is my missing Mistress
Always she is for catching buses
Only for me its a physical stress
Clearly, she and me, amusing bugs.

She handles it all on her own ways
Blooming face lighting little smileys
Like moonlit ashining water waves
Laughter lighten her hardened dailies

A master lonely in friendly choirs
Shuttles only from workplace to home
A king for cooking and child cares
Scuttling honey bee, nectar to comb.

Fancies mesmerize her failing frame
Work energizes her smiling game
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