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Jul 2
Dear All, I'm sorry
I was told to smile
But I couldn't hold my tears
They cracked jokes saying
I look like a bride
But I could not smile
My curved pale lips turned a smiley
But my eyes flooded with tears..

I felt something unusual when they bathed me and dressed me with cotton Saree and blouse and  dabbed
My face with talcum powder and combed and tied my hair.

They were busy putting on golden studs in my ears and a long golden chain on my neck. I knew death is near. I heard and I felt death.. close behind me.

My favorite cloth smelt death
The golden chain and ear rings
Were chiming death knells
I could not smile.
For who can smile at the face of death.
My grand daughter seems to have seen my heart.
She held my both cheeks in her soft hands and kissed me and pressed her rosy cheeks against mine.

No sweetie I am not crying something went into my eyes...
I comforted her.
Yes dear. Something went. I wiped...

The photographer took the snap and it was good. But my flooded eyes betrayed the gurgling hot tears I was holding beneath my throttle..
Sorry... Sorry,  I know this is my post death photograph.....Obituary Photo!

I wished I could have posed for a better snap..pardon me I am sorry!
Written by
Philipp K J  53/M/Bangalore
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