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Jul 10
But why did you let her to the torture?
You allowed the queen to have fourteen bruises
To be stabbed forty times, by the butcher
Is it for her love towards You, Master
That she had to pay the price to a traitor?
The saint who loved You and was alone
Did You walk with her along the pasture?
Why did You let her to be killed and thrown?
Is humiliation Your divine crown?

But when the lonely saint's body mangled,
Could You hold her live soul, as You promised?
Holding did You stand by her side enthralled?
To welcome and hold her hand to be kissed
Or did You leave her alone in the wild?
As her life blood oozed out to the road side
As humanity ran away cold and chilled
Leaving her body numbed to lifeless fold
Did you stand to honor her faith profound?

Who that sent her alone, is responsible?
Am I not liable to give a reply
Being a part of His tabernacle?
All saints are lonely, even as they die
Is it the pay, the price of staunch disciple?
Yes people run away from those who cry
Even the best comrades are changeable
In times of prosperity swarm like flies
In hardship time they run away like mice

Was it an omen that the bus got cancelled
Cancelled the trip to scheme the ritual ****
Near the Snehasadan convent she smelled
The plotting to end her at Nachanbore Hill
For cold blooded slaughter a seat will be held
The bus named Kapil decked as a hearse
The murderers three had venomous blade
Broke a coconut and teased her to rehearse
The ****** with multiple maims with curse

If she were like a lamb of meekness
The sacrifice would have ended in one stroke
But she was brave, like a lone lioness,
Like David she was in a woman's cloak
Being a nun of virtuous righteousness
The devil had to inflict forty knife wounds
Fourteen bruises to shut her call to Jesus
She definitely fought like lioness

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me
He anointed me to preach the Good News"
Wasn't she following Your decree
Proclaiming  release to the debt ridden natives
Giving of sight to tribal community
Setting at liberty those oppressed captives,
Proclaiming the acceptable year of thee?
Does the path of sainthood cost such hefty fee?

But lord You promised even the good thief
Entry to join You in heaven the same day
Then how much You would care for her belief
Who talked Your words in life and walked Your way
Suffered fourteen bruise and forty wounds of knife
How happily You would usher her way
Having taken her among the Blessed Saints
To pay layman's thanks and prayers to say
On earth too she inspires those who admire
And want to follow You Jesus our Savior
Written by
Philipp K J  53/M/Bangalore
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