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Jul 7
With a bunch of lilies in hand
I met father and gave it to his hands
I yearned to have a farewell photo, indeed
And father was cordial and happily agreed

We both stood, father and I
A callow fellow took my phone
To take the picture of father and I
I wanted to show him the camera icon
He said he knew everything, would try
Scrolling down the screen on his own

Patiently we stood, father and I
Father was cordial with me
And stood happily for the snap
I loved the moment
A proud moment
Close to father I stood
The cassock was like the lilies he held
Pure and freshly iron pressed it smelled
Breathless I stood for a while
Then impatiently a little

The man seemingly mad could not find the icon
And I took a step forward
Snatched my cell phone from his hand
By now someone called father from behind
Some one more important than I
We'll take it later  he said bye

Stunned I was sad and turned blue
My dream did not come true
I turned my head with a deep sigh
And saw father moving away
And my dream drifting away
Leaving a clear cognitive
Still, free of plastic, negative
Of "Father and I"  
Do not ask me a print
For I cannot make reprints
Written by
Philipp K J  53/M/Bangalore
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