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May 2019
Imaculee Ilibegiza
Dear I couldn't tell ye because Oh!
We wanted ye take flight sudden
The river of family to flow
Through ye our Compassion-ed maiden!

As you darted into darkness of night
We plunged into prayers on our knees
Holding the cross to our ***** tight
Way of the cross brought in us peace.

We know the enemy will come
Will ****** us all sparing none.
We were preparing our souls to numb
All the while praying for you brave nun.
Imaculee should flow eternally
A river of love and forgiveness.

Our hearth didn't fire since you left in fear
We burn in prayers as we hear
The enemy drum beats as it nears
Our dear home to put us to fires
But be calm dear, we are not in  fears.
We are in the power of our lord
We believe death cannot defeat
Let it trample under its dark feet.

Safe hands of god is with you we know
My friend is of enemy tribe though
But only to Lord does he subscribe
He will guide you safely somehow.

The enemy's blood stain smells the air
Hark, dear, every corner death lurks
Searching blood of innocent tribesmen
Women and children they  don't spare
Infants too they **** as kids of snakes.

If the most learned of them boasts the crime
Sure the devil had owned man this time
My child, Lee, I want you to flow
As the river of our family,
Flowing with forgiveness and love.
My love and deep kisses to my dear
Any time they'll tear us into pieces
But we are with our all time Jesus
We know your love will join the lord
And flow as the river of the word
Flowing eternally with love and forgiveness.
Hark! The enemy knocks at the door
Imaculee Ilibegiza
Dear I cant tell ye becoz.. Oh!
Written by
Philipp K J  53/M/Bangalore
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