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Philipp K J Jul 21
Is it a rare coincidence or an accident
As I recline to a bench a spider to descend
Gliding in air landing on my right arm?
I caught him and let him without harm.
"Let him not **** him". Once I did. Now with a sigh (,) I send.
Philipp K J Jul 10
But why did you let her to the torture?
You allowed the queen to have fourteen bruises
To be stabbed forty times, by the butcher
Is it for her love towards You, Master
That she had to pay the price to a traitor?
The saint who loved You and was alone
Did You walk with her along the pasture?
Why did You let her to be killed and thrown?
Is humiliation Your divine crown?

But when the lonely saint's body mangled,
Could You hold her live soul, as You promised?
Holding did You stand by her side enthralled?
To welcome and hold her hand to be kissed
Or did You leave her alone in the wild?
As her life blood oozed out to the road side
As humanity ran away cold and chilled
Leaving her body numbed to lifeless fold
Did you stand to honor her faith profound?

Who that sent her alone, is responsible?
Am I not liable to give a reply
Being a part of His tabernacle?
All saints are lonely, even as they die
Is it the pay, the price of staunch disciple?
Yes people run away from those who cry
Even the best comrades are changeable
In times of prosperity swarm like flies
In hardship time they run away like mice

Was it an omen that the bus got cancelled
Cancelled the trip to scheme the ritual ****
Near the Snehasadan convent she smelled
The plotting to end her at Nachanbore Hill
For cold blooded slaughter a seat will be held
The bus named Kapil decked as a hearse
The murderers three had venomous blade
Broke a coconut and teased her to rehearse
The ****** with multiple maims with curse

If she were like a lamb of meekness
The sacrifice would have ended in one stroke
But she was brave, like a lone lioness,
Like David she was in a woman's cloak
Being a nun of virtuous righteousness
The devil had to inflict forty knife wounds
Fourteen bruises to shut her call to Jesus
She definitely fought like lioness

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me
He anointed me to preach the Good News"
Wasn't she following Your decree
Proclaiming  release to the debt ridden natives
Giving of sight to tribal community
Setting at liberty those oppressed captives,
Proclaiming the acceptable year of thee?
Does the path of sainthood cost such hefty fee?

But lord You promised even the good thief
Entry to join You in heaven the same day
Then how much You would care for her belief
Who talked Your words in life and walked Your way
Suffered fourteen bruise and forty wounds of knife
How happily You would usher her way
Having taken her among the Blessed Saints
To pay layman's thanks and prayers to say
On earth too she inspires those who admire
And want to follow You Jesus our Savior
Philipp K J Jul 7
With a bunch of lilies in hand
I met father and gave it to his hands
I yearned to have a farewell photo, indeed
And father was cordial and happily agreed

We both stood, father and I
A callow fellow took my phone
To take the picture of father and I
I wanted to show him the camera icon
He said he knew everything, would try
Scrolling down the screen on his own

Patiently we stood, father and I
Father was cordial with me
And stood happily for the snap
I loved the moment
A proud moment
Close to father I stood
The cassock was like the lilies he held
Pure and freshly iron pressed it smelled
Breathless I stood for a while
Then impatiently a little

The man seemingly mad could not find the icon
And I took a step forward
Snatched my cell phone from his hand
By now someone called father from behind
Some one more important than I
We'll take it later  he said bye

Stunned I was sad and turned blue
My dream did not come true
I turned my head with a deep sigh
And saw father moving away
And my dream drifting away
Leaving a clear cognitive
Still, free of plastic, negative
Of "Father and I"  
Do not ask me a print
For I cannot make reprints
Philipp K J Jul 2
Dear All, I'm sorry
I was told to smile
But I couldn't hold my tears
They cracked jokes saying
I look like a bride
But I could not smile
My curved pale lips turned a smiley
But my eyes flooded with tears..

I felt something unusual when they bathed me and dressed me with cotton Saree and blouse and  dabbed
My face with talcum powder and combed and tied my hair.

They were busy putting on golden studs in my ears and a long golden chain on my neck. I knew death is near. I heard and I felt death.. close behind me.

My favorite cloth smelt death
The golden chain and ear rings
Were chiming death knells
I could not smile.
For who can smile at the face of death.
My grand daughter seems to have seen my heart.
She held my both cheeks in her soft hands and kissed me and pressed her rosy cheeks against mine.

No sweetie I am not crying something went into my eyes...
I comforted her.
Yes dear. Something went. I wiped...

The photographer took the snap and it was good. But my flooded eyes betrayed the gurgling hot tears I was holding beneath my throttle..
Sorry... Sorry,  I know this is my post death photograph.....Obituary Photo!

I wished I could have posed for a better snap..pardon me I am sorry!
Philipp K J May 4
Covid from Hell's unknown cellar
Meddler, the men's mercy killer
Out of fear the Heaven's plenty
Hell in due course will be empty
Sends the war team killer thriller

Breaching ozone shred their horns
Rolling down the human zone
Blow their clones on human forms
To fill their lungs with white venom
And with tattered souls return home

The Soldier scouts; browbeat with frown
Shouts out 'go corona go'
Candle lights to frighten Covid
Showers of flowers to brighten David
I've dethroned, Corona gone

The havoc done; still the battle's on
Missiles and trials go on 'midst groan
People throng around clouts at rallies
Whilst the dead are gutted  at gullies
And their kids and kin bemoan

Leaders toil to tally the spoils
Cadres boil in corporate veils
Corona blitz with double mutant
Smite the poor and the self content
Whilst the captain camps the perils

Trioxygen shield climate change
Science challenge devils
Covid muffled, the Hoax wax in
Whilst death rolls in diabolic spin
And deliver the  sucker punch
Philipp K J Apr 14
Hey super star
Brown prince butterfly
Sleepy eye caps coy
Smiley pliant ploy
Happy Brilliant boy
Moving up and down
Festive floral crown
Golden blossom tend
Galloping on the wind
Humming frolic loon
Catch up, match up soon
The eloping fragrance scent
The fleeing princess bends
On the gaily silent friend
The Cocktails made
Chilling sweet tide
Fiery floral flame
Glitter sparkle tame
Splutter splatter clime
Feast is served in time
Guests delight in fine
Butterfly pose
Probe in poise
Fingertips minuscule
Tickle tackle pinnacle
Happy snappy exchange
Next gen message
Supernova dies
Life's turn of dice
Rolls to darkest phase
Its a different case
Tobe born again
New journey to gain
A life of better fly
To ply with the wind
The superstar kind
To play the gay
Brown prince butterfly.
Philipp K J Apr 2
Just a third of a bushel o' wheat
Washed and drained to dry in sunlight
Nine to three is the intense heat
Lifting on his left shoulder plate
He cried, Lord what a deadly weight
Laser look beams on mental screen
The via Dolorosa slate
The fall on the third station scene

Under weight of wheat, gleaned and clean
Tobe dried, ground, battered with yeast
The staggered steps to sunroof lean
Yet Lo!  On the last night feast
Lowering Himself to the least
Offered Himself as living bread
The weight of wheat thought got released
As the promise gained over head

Its all to be a little Christ
To keep the life treasure unpriced
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