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I can fathom only a few yards Lord
Merely of your kindness and need more time
To look at all other virtues that God
You freely bestow from your lofty clime

I sigh and feel troubled aches at the core
Of my heart as I see the long spent years
Without knowing passing a playful tour
On earth I could have sought guidance of yours

Now the given time is almost spent Lord
Can I cover and catch up what I lost
Can you show me ways that I might afford?
Run-view and tower your treasures almost

For Lord I know you love my everything
Even when I failed you kept me breathing
Philipp K J Jun 18
Your light is bright
Upon black and white
Your fire of love
Generously glows
Deep, high or low
Liberally flows
To fill the hills
Golden daffodils
Foliar green
Countryside serene
Your light is bright
Upon black and white

Lives you design
Uniquely assign
Projects unasked
Seal and sign unmasked
Foolproof approved
Make unique mark proved
Your light is bright
Upon black and white

The house you built
For the sake of  men
They had no guilt
To spoil this haven
Using freedom
Amuse in *****
Forget the fire
Creative desire
The fire of love
The light that's above
Source that forces  
Control men's courses.

Still your love kindles
Still your kindness fills

Your light is bright
Upon black and white
Your fire of love
Liberally flows
Philipp K J Jun 16
Call it a day come back to me
Fierce the storm frolic in freak
Stress on and shake guy lines on quay
Fear grips the heart the mast looks weak
Tides roll out high like snakes with wings
I tie my raft on near by fence
Come back to me the voice still rings
Strong soft sound sacred soothing sense
Gentle arms wave warm welcome call
"Set and rest in your father's hall."

Th­e smoke, clock stroke the call for socks
The books iron box and school van's horn
Scaring the walls Tiffin box falls
Piecemeal songs from mobile ring tone
Smile waves bye-bye mopping up curls
Turning to rest from morning fret
A voice intrude bringing unrest.
"A very happy Women's day!"

That sound is high that startling cry
The turbulence did hardly subside
An ambulance flies howling by
A creak a crash, a rush beside
I C U through sealed chamber hole
And stand out all the overnight haul
As bills pile up and **** the soul
Encounter loans who bothers at all!
They start to wish a happy day
A fathers day or someones day!

Is my day as God wanted it
Every day be a peaceful day
Every day be the Father's day
Every day holy Mother's day
Every day  be a saint soul's day
Every day be every ones day
Every day be god given day!

Can you see the creator god
Can you listen  to voice of god
Can you feel the presence of god
Or touch and taste the peace of god

And sing the hymn of praise to Him
To burn the flame of light of Him
To live in bliss and peace with Him


Poor man's faith lost in lord's precept
Swept away by evil concept
Lost in building all wanton lust
Bear burden of unending list
To fulfill in this brief visit

God's call back is loud and clear
I created all for you dear
Just come back and see for yourself
Environment's around your self
Father Son and Holy spirit
Men and women do well merit
So call it a day and come back and see
Come back and come back to me!
So call it a day and come back to me
Come back and come back to me.
Philipp K J May 25
Imaculee Ilibegiza
Dear I couldn't tell ye because Oh!
We wanted ye take flight sudden
The river of family to flow
Through ye our Compassion-ed maiden!

As you darted into darkness of night
We plunged into prayers on our knees
Holding the cross to our ***** tight
Way of the cross brought in us peace.

We know the enemy will come
Will ****** us all sparing none.
We were preparing our souls to numb
All the while praying for you brave nun.
Imaculee should flow eternally
A river of love and forgiveness.

Our hearth didn't fire since you left in fear
We burn in prayers as we hear
The enemy drum beats as it nears
Our dear home to put us to fires
But be calm dear, we are not in  fears.
We are in the power of our lord
We believe death cannot defeat
Let it trample under its dark feet.

Safe hands of god is with you we know
My friend is of enemy tribe though
But only to Lord does he subscribe
He will guide you safely somehow.

The enemy's blood stain smells the air
Hark, dear, every corner death lurks
Searching blood of innocent tribesmen
Women and children they  don't spare
Infants too they **** as kids of snakes.

If the most learned of them boasts the crime
Sure the devil had owned man this time
My child, Lee, I want you to flow
As the river of our family,
Flowing with forgiveness and love.
My love and deep kisses to my dear
Any time they'll tear us into pieces
But we are with our all time Jesus
We know your love will join the lord
And flow as the river of the word
Flowing eternally with love and forgiveness.
Hark! The enemy knocks at the door
Imaculee Ilibegiza
Dear I cant tell ye becoz.. Oh!
Philipp K J May 9
As the dancing rain's toasting
The wooing wind is boasting.
Chin chin the rain drops cheering
On the roasting concrete roofing.

Cleaning the wind went goofing
Around the window curtains
Throwing the dusty dry leaves
Tweeting the twigs on fountains
Beating the rain wet hot heaves
Of love laden sighs certain
Wanting to dance with  dear rain
Wooing her love in prime time...

Chin chin they rhyme the refrain
The coy rain slip from his grips
Whisking they fall flat holding
Each others hands unfolding
The wind to chase their lean hips
Bending they freak into creaks
As the dancing rain's toasting
The wooing wind is boasting
'Midst this mid-summer hustings.
Philipp K J Apr 27
You can't, upon his blood
You, evil cluttered minds
You boast on cruel blast
Spilt blood of your own kinds
What harm to you they caused
To pause their voice of praise?
You failed to nail the arms
Then sneak in without grace
Met out bombs on their palms
To seal the world of god
A deed with devils word

The wood He hung on nails
They hail as Holy Cross
The blood that filled the grails
Still ooze out for His cause

He bailed you out from sins
Carved his church on rock
And turned his cross its fins
To guide and lead you folk

Brute you persecute him
Still profane too his hymn
You wound and let them bathe
Bleeding rivers of faith

The more you try to hush
The words explode afresh
Rest in peace? None retires
But join Line of martyrs
Rise in revolt and flocks
Flank around messiah
Guarding their men from shocks
Singing alleluia
Up in arms with soul's sword
Praising glory to lord
Torrent gospel verses.
Fiends, your pride reverses.

You Can't, Upon his blood!

You evil cluttered minds.
Philipp K J Apr 21
Let your gloomy hearts rise
Let your lips sing praise
For the lord has risen
From gory deaths prison
With sacrifice and pain
Mighty god has repaid
To redeem his own ****
From dark activities
Of negativities
To restore every cause
Of life and its purpose

Lets break the sepulchres
Of selfishness and curse
Rise up in love to see
The beauty of the world
The purpose as its told
Just live and be happy
And pass it to your sons
And daughters and their sons
The happiness and funs
Are just for you to own
And leave behind in turn
To the next in your line
So let your lips sing praise
And hold your hands and raise
Kiss your friends and embrase
Just fill your living space
With Lords glory and grace
Wearing on your own face.
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