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LVQuigley Oct 2018
Growing up for me hasn’t been about maturing or becoming wise
It’s about becoming desensitized
And disengaged
It’s about losing my idealism and accepting my lot
I may have been an emotional wreck when I was teenager
But at least I knew how to feel
At least then I didn’t give up
LVQuigley Oct 2018
Some kind of day this has become
If only I could spontaneously combust,
Like a star in the night sky
Burning bright in one final blaze of glory
Before it’s all gone
Spontaneous human combustion,
The headline would read.
How marvelous that would be.
LVQuigley Aug 2018
Earth itself feels like a sinking ship
Slowly drowning in icy space
And I a mere nail in a floor board or less
A spec of dirt on the moistening deck
What right have to scream or cry or care
If the whole ships going down who am I to stop it
LVQuigley Aug 2018
I’m falling down again
I can feel my bones solidify into stone
My body feels heavy once more
This time is terrifying
I know what’s to come
This time I feel like screaming
This time I want to run
LVQuigley Aug 2018
it’s everything and nothing and a brain full of thoughts
when the exhaustion’s fills your bones and nothing you can say has any meaning
My lips stay shut
And my smile is fake
And my heart aches and aches and aches
LVQuigley Aug 2018
In my dreams I watch a girl be everything she ever wanted to be,

When I wake up I know that girl could never be me.
LVQuigley Aug 2018
I would like to go out now,
Into the fog that sends shivers up my spine

And get lost in the disorienting
Swirls and swisps of water,

And climb up the ice crystals,
Until I reach the clouds

Where I’ll lie on my back
Under the never ending stars.

Until I am ready,
To just fall off.
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