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Eric daw Dec 2018
Idk anymore
my mind is sore
to much in my head
makes me wish i was dead
thoughts r getting loud
i just wanna get lost an never be found
my minds spinning round
staying high
high above the sky
it keeps my mind clear
makes me feel like i have nothing to fear
my thoughts r rotting my brains core
i just dont know ANYMORE
Eric daw Dec 2018
My thoughts are out of control
Its getting darker in my soul
Fading away is my life goal
Friends fake like a troll
starting to ease my mind with my packed bow
life is back to the same
i keep restarting how i feel like my life a game
my life's lame
an  i don't care if i have no fame
i need to catch up with my life an tame
it my life's starting to drain my life's UNCONTROLLABLE
i feel like im on a seesaw it ghanges back an forth how i feel
Eric daw Dec 2018
Fire and Ice
By Robert Frost
Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
Eric daw Dec 2018
.                  .
        My heart      is full                            
         an happy this might sound                             c
        sappy but I've found a good girl                      h      
          she makes me happy its been                       e        
    along time since I've had                         y
               something to look             l     y       e          
              forward to                      o         n
                 love is                     u    v    n
                                                     ­    e
dedicate to cheyenne my girl been with her for going on 5 months this 11th
Eric daw Nov 2018
they wonder whats wrong
is it really not obvious should i sing u a song
the song id sing would be nice an long
it would tell u about why my life is bad
tell u about how everyone in my house is always mad
to many thoughts i n my head that keep me sad
i sometimes wish i could die
just tell the world good bye
the only reason i must stay
is because my girl doesn't want me away
my life is trashed no time to play
why does life have to be hard
Eric daw Nov 2018
I used to think I could smoke away the pain
Thought my thoughts I could maintain
But then I started to lose my mind
Started to fall behind
I learned that to move on u must try an accept
I learned to path I must take an on that path I stepped
i no longer smoke to keep away the pain
I'm learning to maintain
A purpose I'm starting to gain
I'm finally heading down the right lane
Eric daw Nov 2018
i know i'm human but what am i on the inside
i'm a boy who has lied
a boy who has been through pain
a boy who used to think there was nothing in life to gain
a boy who who has problem
a boy who has fallen in a hole an lay at the bottom
feeling hopeless
an all he can focus
on is what people think asking himself
"what am i doing""is this good enough"
wishing he was dead
but instead
he cuts an sees red
"one day it will all be over"
I am a boy i am awake my nightmares are gone
this is bout a boy who dreams he is alone hurting on the inside wishing he was dead thinking about what people think of him then he wakes up his night mares r gone but theres still all of everything in his dream its in his heaad following him everywhere school home out on the town everywhere this boy is....ME
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