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fallendawn Jul 2020
At the time I was broken
I wanted to feel whole
So I let him touch me even though
I said no
fallendawn Mar 2020
From my heart I miss you.
It makes me feel Stupid to still
Love you.
It kills me inside everyday
Knowing you don’t love me.
It’s been months and I’m still not
Over you.
I’m getting there for sure.
But apart of me will still run into your
Arms if you ever called my name.
Sadly, I never cross your mind.
fallendawn Mar 2020
Beautiful Soul
You will breathe again.
Caring Being
You will be revived.
Selfless Heart
You will see again.
Strong Spirit
Wounded Wings
Will fly again.
fallendawn Mar 2020
what breaks my heart the most
Is that
The promises you made to me
Are now forgotten and
You are fulfilling with
fallendawn Feb 2020
I don’t know if people understand
But friends I once had
I loved you
I wanted you to prosper
And be happy
But why didn’t you want that
For me?
fallendawn Feb 2020
I have to keep telling myself you made your bed and your laying in it with someone else
fallendawn Feb 2020
I have returned
not for good reason
I am heartbroken once again
But this time is different
Because this broke my being
My soul
My life
Not just my heart
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