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S Southwick Aug 2018
Your eyes, from another realm
Of wonder, wisdom and imagination,
Grace me with their awesome presence.
Seeing into my soul.
Tender longing
And intense desire.
I catch my breath,
And feel like bursting.
S Southwick Aug 2018
You say I am the owner of your heart.
Oh no my love!
Your heart is not owned by me.
It is sitting happily next to my heart
With its little aorta entangled in mine
As we beat rhythmic kisses
Back and forth.
S Southwick Aug 2018
Trying not to fall
But who am I kidding?
I am in love with you
S Southwick Aug 2018
Stop! Don’t look the phone!
But I need to know the time
It will make it worse!
You won’t get back to sleep!
But I need to know how much time left
Arrrrrgh. 3am
S Southwick Feb 2018
He has died.
And the burden is heavy
It makes you weary
But you soldier on with grace and kindness
Others could not be so
They would be angry, bitter, resentful
Lashing out at those closest

But not you my darling

An awesome mountain
Constant, firm and still amidst the chaos
You love. You forgive. You see the good. Always.
Others are drawn to you
And you listen to their pain and fear
Soothing troubled hearts with your calming voice and gentle embrace
You give them strength

But it makes you weary

I see the shadows on your face
Your smile ever so slightly weakened
I hear you catch your breath and sigh deeply
A flicker of sadness in your beautiful, kind eyes
The grief you can’t yet allow
But in time.
When it is meant to be so

How my heart aches to see you in this moment.
Come now, my darling and rest your weary head upon my shoulder.
Let me wrap you up in my love
S Southwick Feb 2018
I see you
Your broken and jagged bits carefully hidden from view

I hear you
Echoes of a frightened child
Each word carefully chosen

I feel you
Tender, gentle, hesitating

This love
Fragile, yet powerful
Healing you

Healing me.

— The End —