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Lettie Oct 2018
My princess charming
My smile keeper
My down when I am up
My controller when I am out of control
My calmer when I get insane

I see you wish to shield me
You can't
because what you want to protect me from
is within

I sit and look at you
Your hopelessness bits me on my ***

I see you can not, not get worried
Your powerful love can't even win this over
You are sweet... as I look at you, while trying to help
While trying to figure this out
While trying to get to the bottom of it

Don't you see though
There isn't even bottom about it
I don't even know myself if it is
I don't know, yet it is within me

Complicated you say
I know hey

I don't want you getting involved but
By loving me mean you are involved
Like it or not you are introduced to this
That is the perks that comes with my love

I am stuck with it, you you my beloved
You are not obliged to
To be stuck with it too
You have a choice
You go or stay

Let me warn you
If you choose stay
Well buckle up this ride with me
Is too bumpy

I hope you ready
But I say it again, you are not obliged
As the ride get too much
You may get off
But because you delayed

You might get off with more than scarce
Sorry about that but I warned you
I did ☺
20181030 1049
Lettie Oct 2018
I met my princess charming
How amazing to love and to be loved
Was it ever love?
If it was love or not I guess I will never know

She brought with her happiness
She brought with her hope
She brought with her a change to
A chance to experience yet again life

It has been long since I felt what I felt
With her I felt it or I thought I felt it
The moments lived with a chance of
A chance of happiness was life

I thank God for you and the time
The time we were given
Given life to experience and live
I will forever cherish us

I am greatful for what it was
No regret what so ever
This was thee greatest distraction the
Distraction to my nun so existing
Nun existing life

Now.... now you drifting away
You parting with all you brought
The happiness

Thank you
  Jan 2018 Lettie
Depression is were you want to be alone,
But at the same time you dont want to be lonely.
Depression is where everything is going right,
But you're still sad.
Depression is wanting to go out,
But at the same time not wanting to socialize.
Depression is feeling trapped,
Trapped in your own mind
and no one understands.
Depression is having scars on your thighs and arms,
Scars from the battle you fought.
Depression is having sleepless nights,
Depression is shouting for help,
But no one hears you.
Depression is fighting demons deep
inside you.
Depression is not something to laugh at,                                    
So grow up if you think depression is just an act,
Depression is something serious.
Lettie Nov 2017
music, songs soothes hearts
songs calms and songs heals
I am listening
all is as
and pure

I am stepping up
I am letting go
the rhythm allows me to

courage is gathered
and music picked me up

I am healing
I am smiling
I am growing
Oh! I love music

I took charge
It feels amazing

when this song reach my ears
in early hours of the morning
my soul dances and moves

my ears hears and my lips sings along
yet my eyes are shut closed
I touched the finish line with the tip of my figures
I can feel all settles with my tongue

And i felt free
I am free
20171114 09:50
Lettie Oct 2017
Love is spiritual
Loves has no gender preference
It sees no human’s colour, race no shape
Love has no eyes

Love develops in the midst of
Most of all when eyes are
But closed and souls are opened

Love is drown in by the soul a person has
Love develops deep within
Love know nor society values
Love plays its own beats

But human being created
But huge walls around them
This prevent souls to connect
Gender preferences prevents love
Race of a being prevents love
Colour of our skins prevents love
Hell yet shape of a human body prevents love

Why did we become like this
When did we become like this

Can you feel that?
That is my soul connecting with yours
How will we be happy if the society deems it
But not acceptable

Why can’t we let love rules?
This will make this sick world be
But the better place for all
Only if we allow love to be LOVE
20171024 1540
Lettie Oct 2017
No one can see this
No one can feel this
No one understands
No one and not this body

But it has see it all
Most of all pain

Is it Pain....pain but
Not physical pain
Not emotional pain
Though it is so painful as i feel it

Gone all gone
they are all dead and buried

Inner being is visited but with emptiness
Time with you adds no pleasure
No memory to re-live by thought
Touches from you are not felt

Day night i long for the days when all lives
I didn't get time to say my good bye
I could have...
I could have asked then when will you return

There was no time for me and you
There was no time for me and you when you departed
I can not recall the last of you
All i could pick up was you no longer existed in me

Only in the head i live
But that is not enough because
Because the head recalls
no caressing
no butterflies
no assurance of embrace

Day night i live
emptiness is ruling within me
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