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Oct 2015 · 329
Grace to you all

For the rays of the disco ball that gleamed on me and passed by saying;
My boy, lessen the ignorance within and keep moving on without vanity;
For twinkles of stars that beautified my dull night with a praying;
May the loud whistle of wind always keep you safe from insanity?;
I am here freeing my mind and listening to your silence;
If I am deaf and careless for the repeated words of you;
And if I am in my own world of despair and drowned in distance;
Please help me to walk part of me beneath the sky of sky blue;

You all have my gratitude, my beloved friends and elders;
For the murmurs of wishes and words on my screen;
How I wish to sing the song of the day I was born;
Presence and deep timbre of your voices just got me clean;
Not for the aroma flowers than your senseless humour ;
When indeed the meaning of life still remains concealed;

The moments are to be shared when our hearts are still conscious;
And we exchange each other’s gratitude paralyzing one’s agony;
Things which you neither meant nor hoped for;
Always lingers near the tragedy’s unseen door;
Come on just sing me a lullaby that would mesmerize me;
And I would say I am flattered unconsciously ha-ha;

The friend is the only gift you give yourself;
The predilection of one to the endless moment;
And the designation of accompany destroys the torment;
So grace to all my buddies who stepped on my shadows;
Like a wondering flight of pitied Dandelions;
And on my day I wished you all to be unchanging till doomsday;
Oct 2015 · 291
The last sunset of my 21
The Columbus ceases to run beneath the sky,
And closes the curtain for the sun;
The full moon is being called upon;
With the crescent’s peeping eye;
The clouds in the east dance;
To the diminishing light of the day;

With the sunset of running year;
My thoughts are tangled with fear;
And shakes the whole lived days;
By the hours which is going to blaze;

The ignorant ages of youth;
Grab you down to hold the truth;
But the fading photographs that embrace I;
Leave me like the frosty morning dew;
As the anecdote of memories fade;
The price of the sweetness is paid;
With the another year to recreate;
And all I want is to wait;
With the start of blissful night,
I have found myself flying a kite;
So I shall celebrate the fall;
Till the collapse of disco ball;

As magenta sunsets drowns by the valley;
My glory too drowns with the sunken heart;
The shooting star jets through the emptiness;
Leaving the unforgettable spectral view as it disappears;
And I am wishing to live childhood days once again;

As the disco ball enter from the horizon;
The constellation of stars shine as bright as diamond;
The tides of the ocean tend to rise up;
And I wish myself the night’s life ahead;
Silent calm and sacrificial to be worth existing;
Sep 2015 · 258
All about missing You
What should I write tonight?
When night is completely shattered;
And the stars shine so bright;
My thoughts just scattered;

I wish I counted my footprints;
For every step is a word;
And by now you have hints;
That my night is blurred;

Night is getting colder;
I begin to forget my last step;
And I lean on against night’s shoulder;
Trying to get up from the depth;

She sings me not a line;
I listen to yellow as dusk commence;
And I hear Rolling in the deep so fine;
That takes me to last fall again;

I am lonely but not alone;
Verses of night tempt me down;
Then the story of endless sky suspense;
And the last star puts on the night gown;

I see today’s day and time evolution;
And it’s nearing my call;
Time for her substitution;
Moment of autumn to fall;

Friend visits me one in thousands;
He says he quits drinking;
Say what I drank all the mountains;
And my night disappeared sinking;

She loves me like a snow;
When tree sheds their leaves;
And I am looking at her eyes;
Waiting for words inside me blow;

The days are getting better;
Like whispering her from miles;
How could I not write her a letter?
Telling her she has the eyes of paragon;
Aug 2015 · 384
Truth Of Other Dimension
Eye of the Mirror

I laid my obsessed head on the pillow:
Mind raced for the warmer stories;
And the slip of the thought gazed me;
To the diminishing call of histories.

I look up in the mirror in my birthday suit;
I glanced top down head to toe;
Bring back image to face again;
And I started to talk to that foe;

“it’s been 20 years that I saw you rarely;
You never spitted out a word of seldom;
And you never looked at me twice;
Which made me looking at you boredom;”

“If we ever talked mostly time and time;
I would have clearly known you’d be the one now;
You never called me by my instinct;
Now I feel you are a stranger somehow;”

“You saw me by the barber shop trimming;
Yet you didn’t see any differences on me;
I wanted to smile on the morning of 30th September;
But you never didn’t turn up to see it;”

“7 years back when I fell in love with love;
I asked you how you are feeling of it;
You dropped down your face completely;
And I never got that feeling till date:’

“Before I joined the part of college;
I asked you what should be the motto;
And what should be the force of livelihood;
You ran away from me to your ***** friends”

“Two years back I tried a girl to show you;
How much I have grown into your image;
But you shook your head as if I played;
In fact I just loved her time and now:”

“Why are silencing the words within you;
I have always told you my day and feelings and the fact;
Why can’t you hear my sole voices triggering inside;
I can see your changes all over your body:’

“It’s never too late for my foe to be tagged again as one:
I just wish you would start gambling with me;
With the all in, cashes out…check or whatever;
I just want to read your poker face you have always shown;
And be whatever we can grow up to be:’

And as I woke up by the laugh in my mind;
I wanted to check who I was talking in my head;
I undressed all my clothes and thoughts of day;
My bad….it were you…I never saw me:
Aug 2015 · 393
Love for the Windy Star
Unhappiness touched the mark on her face,
A lip that was once her soul.
Growth came riding and left the darkness,
Now she is searching to cave in her soul.

She owned the light of beauty,
She believed it would last forever.
But the tragedy happened in her dream.
Only to realize she has been there before
There came a hand to grab a moment
Face concealed by the ***** mask
Wandering across the stormy wood
To find the redundancy of beauty

She sometime hoped that she could hold on,
as she lay crying over faded broken tears.
She would try again to see existence then
When all left in her is behind the mask

But if he take off his mask to see,
with a quick impulse she ‘d see his beauty.
There is always a first time for all.
To describe somebody along with something.

I have never seen what beauty is
but when I will, it will be

Red hair Tied back in a pony tail
With eyes that no one thought could be so blue

It looks like the ghost in the graveyard
who silently dwell within and come out bursting
only wanting to let out screams and cries
It looks like the starry night
full of constellation and a goddess
that reigns the night as dusk ascents.
That you don't see very often
and eyes that no one thought could be so blue
There are no words to describe it
Like the flawless feet of wind;
And like breeze across the lanky trees
Your voices be Beast’s growl
When frequency pitched the soul
The clouds be never changing
And the sky remains black holed
And the princess of the wood be still dreaming
And the midnight wolf starts the mourn
Her quiver fills itself up
For the grizzly hunt
And the nature sets you free
as it listen and adore you;
with limitless power and strength
As Wind rule the wood
Jul 2015 · 759
Defense of The Ancient 2
Master of all voices
“There will come a time when you choose radiant over dire.
A moment when you don't feel the rage but choose to remember the spirit.
Look to those moments and be ready to defend your home ancient
For the world is not enough to get rid of enemy’s heat”
“Come Centaur! Crush them beneath your hooves!
I want you to put some weight on them
Because they don’t really care what are our moves
Kick every untrust worthy enemy creep”
“I can’t carry you all at times alone
Make them fear the hammer, Omniknight.
Don’t let them near me on fire
I don’t want to get fired up this early
So get ready to open up the sight”
“Motred! I want you to work hard
Let them get back to their ancient
With the fear of coup de grace
Until then you go your way”
“When did they start destroying our structures?
And our pursuit for peace lead to fight.
Our alliance leads to their battle rage
I look around and I see the Drow ranger crawling silently”
“Our Omni knight is busy preparing first aid
The agony is deafening .
Our battle is rumbling down.
It looks as if all going to clash”
“With our attacks swollen
I am desperately collecting rifles
The destruction is resuming
Awareness is lost”
“Yet even in all of that there is a glimmer of hope
The echoing strike of coup de grace
In Centuar’s smile
Or Windrunner’s silly laugh “
• It's the smells of battle that stay with you long after they've ended.
• In Stonehall it was blood and sulfur, smoke, and rot and fear...
• You won't win the war by dying for your Ancient.
• You'll win by making the other dumb, unfed ******* die for theirs!
“Redness of bloodshed of creeps
The colour of blood boiling enemy . The height of unreached cliff
And time of unfeared battle rages”
“Fake moves, helpless creeps Fell for the need to push Now the fluid flowing through the woods For they have started the attack.”
“Alleria! Get some air from the bottle
Shackle those ******* one or two
I bet Drow didn’t learn your power shot
So why stay still? Get them”
“Axe held his axe ready, standing very still at rune side,
The even minute ticked
He charged towards me,
I was taken by surprise by Rubbick.”
“He lifted me up in the dark vacuum.
then Axe ran to get me with his axe
As my weapon fell to the ground.
I yelled Omni! In a second he purified me”
“Axe and Rubbick backed off with bleeding heart
I pressed attack and drew first blood on Axe
Some general you turned out to be!”
“Nevermore saw pain in me, but I fleed to ancient
Motred and Centuar were hungrily covering Traxex and Void
Keep up Windrunner! Try to call off Blue ranger”
“As I went with the cry, the smell of hell clicked my instinct
I drew duel against demon, Shadow fiend…I challenge you
But he escaped… We weren't finished!....”
Jul 2015 · 648
Stand Together
Blow of Mercy...
Hands reaching for their match
Feet slowly moving forward
And two separate beings
Melding perfectly into one
with a strike of purification
Dagger strikes and she blurs
The only words needed
Across the expanse of repel
That wipes all magical resistance
Swirling in a jungle of darkness
Feeling as though her awkwardness
His complete shyness are gone
Replaced with Degen aura slow and her blurity
Letting herself be free from every in-comings
Releasing the Blow of Mercy and simply
Existing in that moment
Revealing in each strike and critical blood shots
Losing herself with his Guardian of Angel
And feeling that battle rages
Of being much merciful
Where she feel beautiful
with 5 more to go......
Jul 2015 · 445
Maginal truth in shadow
The phantom assassin picks up her blade of blood
Having ended the war with the demons
Thanks to the one who backed her hood
After ceasing the battle through the obstacle
Magina has done his role...he conquered the meadow
Then to ancient, his soul remains bleeding
But he can not see Mot-red's shadow
That the eye of her never blinks
She can not believe in anyone’s cry
For the demons still dwell in her shadow
As been caught in their evil’s macabre
Trusting only time can make her whole
The sacrificial of who holded them at war
Cries in the triumph of battle end
Avenged and laughed at those who tried
But never ends the duality raging within
The blood on her death sword below
A sequence of cries he cried
Her power to hide his soul at deathblow
Reigns the dawn of the glory
He had killed and been killed for his glove
Giving hand to the shadow princess
Searching for the meaning of sacrificial love
Soul always holding behind her shadow
Strength confirms but the war doesn’t dies
By the tears in the edge of her blade
With eternal rays from his eyes
The blood still fall from the heaven
Those who shielded under their stand
Bows before the tears in her eyes
His back to her soul at the demon land
Breaks the secrecy of the her mask
She lay down beside crippling soul
Rubbing his hand to let out genie
Wanting to let out the console
Only to see him smile over blushing mask
Will she never weep in the rain
Of this blushing magic killer
Knowing he always will be in pain
Fighting the joy that has never existed
There is never a higher word
To define his hand for her
Some only understands partial
The tale within the past time

— The End —