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Oct 2015
Grace to you all

For the rays of the disco ball that gleamed on me and passed by saying;
My boy, lessen the ignorance within and keep moving on without vanity;
For twinkles of stars that beautified my dull night with a praying;
May the loud whistle of wind always keep you safe from insanity?;
I am here freeing my mind and listening to your silence;
If I am deaf and careless for the repeated words of you;
And if I am in my own world of despair and drowned in distance;
Please help me to walk part of me beneath the sky of sky blue;

You all have my gratitude, my beloved friends and elders;
For the murmurs of wishes and words on my screen;
How I wish to sing the song of the day I was born;
Presence and deep timbre of your voices just got me clean;
Not for the aroma flowers than your senseless humour ;
When indeed the meaning of life still remains concealed;

The moments are to be shared when our hearts are still conscious;
And we exchange each other’s gratitude paralyzing one’s agony;
Things which you neither meant nor hoped for;
Always lingers near the tragedy’s unseen door;
Come on just sing me a lullaby that would mesmerize me;
And I would say I am flattered unconsciously ha-ha;

The friend is the only gift you give yourself;
The predilection of one to the endless moment;
And the designation of accompany destroys the torment;
So grace to all my buddies who stepped on my shadows;
Like a wondering flight of pitied Dandelions;
And on my day I wished you all to be unchanging till doomsday;
Tshering Thinley Dorji
Written by
Tshering Thinley Dorji  Bhutan
     Lior Gavra and SPT
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