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Oct 2015
The Columbus ceases to run beneath the sky,
And closes the curtain for the sun;
The full moon is being called upon;
With the crescentโ€™s peeping eye;
The clouds in the east dance;
To the diminishing light of the day;

With the sunset of running year;
My thoughts are tangled with fear;
And shakes the whole lived days;
By the hours which is going to blaze;

The ignorant ages of youth;
Grab you down to hold the truth;
But the fading photographs that embrace I;
Leave me like the frosty morning dew;
As the anecdote of memories fade;
The price of the sweetness is paid;
With the another year to recreate;
And all I want is to wait;
With the start of blissful night,
I have found myself flying a kite;
So I shall celebrate the fall;
Till the collapse of disco ball;

As magenta sunsets drowns by the valley;
My glory too drowns with the sunken heart;
The shooting star jets through the emptiness;
Leaving the unforgettable spectral view as it disappears;
And I am wishing to live childhood days once again;

As the disco ball enter from the horizon;
The constellation of stars shine as bright as diamond;
The tides of the ocean tend to rise up;
And I wish myself the nightโ€™s life ahead;
Silent calm and sacrificial to be worth existing;
Tshering Thinley Dorji
Written by
Tshering Thinley Dorji  Bhutan
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