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Aug 2015
Unhappiness touched the mark on her face,
A lip that was once her soul.
Growth came riding and left the darkness,
Now she is searching to cave in her soul.

She owned the light of beauty,
She believed it would last forever.
But the tragedy happened in her dream.
Only to realize she has been there before
There came a hand to grab a moment
Face concealed by the ***** mask
Wandering across the stormy wood
To find the redundancy of beauty

She sometime hoped that she could hold on,
as she lay crying over faded broken tears.
She would try again to see existence then
When all left in her is behind the mask

But if he take off his mask to see,
with a quick impulse she β€˜d see his beauty.
There is always a first time for all.
To describe somebody along with something.

I have never seen what beauty is
but when I will, it will be

Red hair Tied back in a pony tail
With eyes that no one thought could be so blue

It looks like the ghost in the graveyard
who silently dwell within and come out bursting
only wanting to let out screams and cries
It looks like the starry night
full of constellation and a goddess
that reigns the night as dusk ascents.
That you don't see very often
and eyes that no one thought could be so blue
There are no words to describe it
Like the flawless feet of wind;
And like breeze across the lanky trees
Your voices be Beast’s growl
When frequency pitched the soul
The clouds be never changing
And the sky remains black holed
And the princess of the wood be still dreaming
And the midnight wolf starts the mourn
Her quiver fills itself up
For the grizzly hunt
And the nature sets you free
as it listen and adore you;
with limitless power and strength
As Wind rule the wood
Tshering Thinley Dorji
Written by
Tshering Thinley Dorji  Bhutan
   Cecil Miller
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