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Aug 2015
Eye of the Mirror

I laid my obsessed head on the pillow:
Mind raced for the warmer stories;
And the slip of the thought gazed me;
To the diminishing call of histories.

I look up in the mirror in my birthday suit;
I glanced top down head to toe;
Bring back image to face again;
And I started to talk to that foe;

“it’s been 20 years that I saw you rarely;
You never spitted out a word of seldom;
And you never looked at me twice;
Which made me looking at you boredom;”

“If we ever talked mostly time and time;
I would have clearly known you’d be the one now;
You never called me by my instinct;
Now I feel you are a stranger somehow;”

“You saw me by the barber shop trimming;
Yet you didn’t see any differences on me;
I wanted to smile on the morning of 30th September;
But you never didn’t turn up to see it;”

“7 years back when I fell in love with love;
I asked you how you are feeling of it;
You dropped down your face completely;
And I never got that feeling till date:’

“Before I joined the part of college;
I asked you what should be the motto;
And what should be the force of livelihood;
You ran away from me to your ***** friends”

“Two years back I tried a girl to show you;
How much I have grown into your image;
But you shook your head as if I played;
In fact I just loved her time and now:”

“Why are silencing the words within you;
I have always told you my day and feelings and the fact;
Why can’t you hear my sole voices triggering inside;
I can see your changes all over your body:’

“It’s never too late for my foe to be tagged again as one:
I just wish you would start gambling with me;
With the all in, cashes out…check or whatever;
I just want to read your poker face you have always shown;
And be whatever we can grow up to be:’

And as I woke up by the laugh in my mind;
I wanted to check who I was talking in my head;
I undressed all my clothes and thoughts of day;
My bad….it were you…I never saw me:
Tshering Thinley Dorji
Written by
Tshering Thinley Dorji  Bhutan
   Cecil Miller
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