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Sep 2015
What should I write tonight?
When night is completely shattered;
And the stars shine so bright;
My thoughts just scattered;

I wish I counted my footprints;
For every step is a word;
And by now you have hints;
That my night is blurred;

Night is getting colder;
I begin to forget my last step;
And I lean on against night’s shoulder;
Trying to get up from the depth;

She sings me not a line;
I listen to yellow as dusk commence;
And I hear Rolling in the deep so fine;
That takes me to last fall again;

I am lonely but not alone;
Verses of night tempt me down;
Then the story of endless sky suspense;
And the last star puts on the night gown;

I see today’s day and time evolution;
And it’s nearing my call;
Time for her substitution;
Moment of autumn to fall;

Friend visits me one in thousands;
He says he quits drinking;
Say what I drank all the mountains;
And my night disappeared sinking;

She loves me like a snow;
When tree sheds their leaves;
And I am looking at her eyes;
Waiting for words inside me blow;

The days are getting better;
Like whispering her from miles;
How could I not write her a letter?
Telling her she has the eyes of paragon;
Tshering Thinley Dorji
Written by
Tshering Thinley Dorji  Bhutan
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