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Jul 2015
Master of all voices
“There will come a time when you choose radiant over dire.
A moment when you don't feel the rage but choose to remember the spirit.
Look to those moments and be ready to defend your home ancient
For the world is not enough to get rid of enemy’s heat”
“Come Centaur! Crush them beneath your hooves!
I want you to put some weight on them
Because they don’t really care what are our moves
Kick every untrust worthy enemy creep”
“I can’t carry you all at times alone
Make them fear the hammer, Omniknight.
Don’t let them near me on fire
I don’t want to get fired up this early
So get ready to open up the sight”
“Motred! I want you to work hard
Let them get back to their ancient
With the fear of coup de grace
Until then you go your way”
“When did they start destroying our structures?
And our pursuit for peace lead to fight.
Our alliance leads to their battle rage
I look around and I see the Drow ranger crawling silently”
“Our Omni knight is busy preparing first aid
The agony is deafening .
Our battle is rumbling down.
It looks as if all going to clash”
“With our attacks swollen
I am desperately collecting rifles
The destruction is resuming
Awareness is lost”
“Yet even in all of that there is a glimmer of hope
The echoing strike of coup de grace
In Centuar’s smile
Or Windrunner’s silly laugh “
• It's the smells of battle that stay with you long after they've ended.
• In Stonehall it was blood and sulfur, smoke, and rot and fear...
• You won't win the war by dying for your Ancient.
• You'll win by making the other dumb, unfed ******* die for theirs!
“Redness of bloodshed of creeps
The colour of blood boiling enemy . The height of unreached cliff
And time of unfeared battle rages”
“Fake moves, helpless creeps Fell for the need to push Now the fluid flowing through the woods For they have started the attack.”
“Alleria! Get some air from the bottle
Shackle those ******* one or two
I bet Drow didn’t learn your power shot
So why stay still? Get them”
“Axe held his axe ready, standing very still at rune side,
The even minute ticked
He charged towards me,
I was taken by surprise by Rubbick.”
“He lifted me up in the dark vacuum.
then Axe ran to get me with his axe
As my weapon fell to the ground.
I yelled Omni! In a second he purified me”
“Axe and Rubbick backed off with bleeding heart
I pressed attack and drew first blood on Axe
Some general you turned out to be!”
“Nevermore saw pain in me, but I fleed to ancient
Motred and Centuar were hungrily covering Traxex and Void
Keep up Windrunner! Try to call off Blue ranger”
“As I went with the cry, the smell of hell clicked my instinct
I drew duel against demon, Shadow fiend…I challenge you
But he escaped… We weren't finished!....”
Tshering Thinley Dorji
Written by
Tshering Thinley Dorji  Bhutan
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