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Apr 2016
I softly kiss your neck and bite your collar bone,
You tightly grip the bed as you start to softly moan,
I kiss down your body and lick your ******* in a circle,
You hold your breath and start to turn purple,
I kiss you and stick my tongue in your throat,
Your ***** is the ocean and my **** is the boat,
Its almost time to go along the shore,
But first let me find out if my tongue can do some more,
I kiss your thigh then I push my tongue against your ****,
I wiggle it in place like there is no time to quit,
You comb your fingers through my hair pulling my face in,
I go faster as if it's a race and I'm going to win,
I feel you getting wet as my tongue moves,
This is way better than your finger my tongue proves,
I get up and rub my **** across the surface to tease,
I put it in slowly to keep your mind at ease,
I continue to go deeper and deeper listening to your non-stop sound,
I grab your hips shove it in and then begin to pound,
I go faster and faster listening to our skin clap,
I turn you to your side lifting up your leg exploring the rest of the map,
I put you face down, arch your back and grab your hips,
I realize that your thighs are almost as soft as your lips,
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