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Apr 2016
I pull your arms back and start to put it in a little slow,
You look back at me and in your eyes I see a perfect glow,
I push it in even more and you moan out my name,
I pull you all the way back looking at you trying to tame,
I grab your hips and start to grind against you,
Every time I pull back it goes back in like were stuck with glue,
You grab my hand and squeeze like there is no tomorrow,
I begin to make waves go up your back with a nice flow,
I flip you over and grab your sides as I look in your beautiful eyes,
I wrap your legs around my hips for a big surprise,
Them pick you up and put your back against the wall,
I ******* up the wall as you claw at my back like I'm a doll,
I like the pain so I keep going as I bite your neck,
You moan uncontrollably but this is only one card in my deck,
I put your legs on my shoulders while I **** your ****,
I lick your **** intensely and start to spit,
I open your legs and force my tongue against your **** once more,
I can feel so much of you its like your melting to the core,
   Just Melz
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