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Apr 2016
Living life without love is pointless,
It's what I'm doing thats what I have first to confess,
I don't serve a purpose for anyone I know,
If I left I don't think I would disrupt the flow,
I like for people to think that I'm nothing but happy,
But I just feel like there is something wrong with me,
I might have great friends but I don't feel like I belong,
Don't even bother asking what is wrong,
I still have to figure that out myself,
As I have said many times my heart is going on a shelf,
I'm still gonna be a "nice" person to you,
Only because I really don't know what to do,
All I want is for everyone around me to be happy,
I feel as if the only thing stopping that is me,
On that note I must continue my search for love,
Either that or I can fly away like a dove,
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