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Thomas Esparza Jul 2016
Today was a day
A day like any other
I came across an old picture today
Her and I
The days we shared, the love we had
Today is a day,I still find myself not over you Our love would not last, try but fail
Today is a day, a day that must pass
I ask why today
The memories come back
Where would we be today if our love had not failed.
I will not know.
For today is just a day.
Thomas Esparza Feb 2016
Lonely I have been
Lonely I will ever be
I have been lonely for so long
Lonely is my way of life
I sit alone in my chair dreaming of a girl so fare
Only to awake, alone with who I am
One day true love will find me
Setting me free from this loneliness
As for now
Lonely I am, and lonely I shall be
Thomas Esparza Jan 2016
The way she makes me feel
When she lays her head in my lap
The way I caress her face as I gaze in those eyes
How I run my hands through her hair
We kiss like we 're in love
Yet we are not
Merely playing a game
A game were only fools rush in
I don't want to be the fool rushing in
Why cant we just be fools in love
Stop fighting the urges
Let happiness embrace you
Time to mend this broken heart
Thomas Esparza Jan 2016
The wind always blowing.
North, South, East, and West.
The wind never calm.
Always changing.
Change the way I feel.
The way I feel for her.
Wind blow these feelings out of my heart.
For I know she could never love me.
The wind ever changing.
Change the way she feels.
Thomas Esparza Jan 2016
A beautiful women may never know.
Know how beautiful she is.
She's never been told she's beautiful.
Day by day her beauty goes unnoticed.
To see, and to be blind of her own beauty.
This shall happen no more.
I must let her know.
Let her know she's beautiful.
So she can see her beauty.
The beauty I see.
Thomas Esparza Dec 2015
She wants me
Yet she loves another
She wants me, yet
Her past won't let her

I chase her
Trying to show her
The past is the past
We cant change what was then

She chooses to let the past keep her distanced
I can only hope she see's
The past only holds memories of what was

She wants me
Will she see through the past
To let herself move on
Or shall whats in the past keep her from me.
Thomas Esparza Oct 2015
I hide my face from the world I know.
I wear a mask, a mask to hide.
A mask to hide who I really am.
The mask that hides the face .
The face of a depressed man all alone.
My mask keeps all my insecurities hidden.
Behind my mask I am everyones friend.
By masking my emotions no one gets hurt.

If I were to not wear my mask.
Would people accept me, for me.
Lonely and meak
Or would they only feel sorry for me.
If only I had the courage to take off my mask.
Show everyone who I am.

My mask keeps things at peace.
Keeps the inner me.
From ruiningĀ  the outter me
If I was to take off this mask who would I be.
Would you know me. Would you like to get to know me.
Let me take off my mask.
We shall see.
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