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Sep 2016
Lightening flashing around her
Bringing shadows to life
Thunder echoing in the air
A telling of her strife
Rain pelting the earth
Along with her tears
She does not sway
Despite her fears

She stands as strong
As the mighty oak
Even when her heart
Feels forlorn and broke
When her soul
Is as black as night
Lightening flashes again
Bringing it back to life

Her mouth cannot form words
she wishes to be spoke
Hands unable to grasp
Tied so in trepidations rope
Thunder claps once more
Giving her freedom
More than before

The storm has enraptured
Her very essence
It has gifted her
Pure omnipresence
Lead her not into temptation
For she now holds the key
To your heaven or damnation
Into the storm is whispered "victory"....

And a huge thank you to Thomas Esparza for the help!!
Karina Norris-Veirs
Written by
Karina Norris-Veirs  Oklahoma
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