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Lightening flashing around her
Bringing shadows to life
Thunder echoing in the air
A telling of her strife
Rain pelting the earth
Along with her tears
She does not sway
Despite her fears

She stands as strong
As the mighty oak
Even when her heart
Feels forlorn and broke
When her soul
Is as black as night
Lightening flashes again
Bringing it back to life

Her mouth cannot form words
she wishes to be spoke
Hands unable to grasp
Tied so in trepidations rope
Thunder claps once more
Giving her freedom
More than before

The storm has enraptured
Her very essence
It has gifted her
Pure omnipresence
Lead her not into temptation
For she now holds the key
To your heaven or damnation
Into the storm is whispered "victory"....

And a huge thank you to Thomas Esparza for the help!!
That dusky face
Those dainty dark circles
That celestial mind
And that holy symmetrical, well formed smile can set everything straight and make me glow.
When we collide sparks fly which brings cheeriness and delectation.
And when I look into your bewitching and ravishing eyes that is when I feel forelsket, the beginning of love
My very first poem :')
Be who you want to attract,
Before you start "searching" for the right person,
Be the right person,
Find yourself,
Be comfortable with who you are,
Find happiness within you,
If someone is the only basis of your joy,
I'm afraid,your joy might be a mirage.
Sorry but its only in fairytales where frogs get to kiss princesses lol..

23-10-2015 huh,I thank God for this.had no idea this one would turn out to be a daily poem,I'm really touched like for real,didn't see this coming..but I must say,I've been waiting for this moment,guess dreams do come true :D ,..thanks for taking your time to read my poems and for the comments and likes ;they really encourage me,thank u very very very very very much people. :*
Follow me down the rabbit hole
Follow me to where all hopes and dreams go
Where nightmares and lost loves dwell in your heart and mind
Where here  it will drive you insane in time

So follow me down this rabbit hole  
Where everything will turn on a dime
Follow me into my mind
Please enjoy the show
 Oct 2015 Thomas Esparza
I booked a flight to America
Wishing to start a new life.
You found out I was leaving.
You were mad as if it’s a crime.
You called me and asked
If we could see each other for the last time.
You gave me a letter that broke my heart
Explaining why we fell apart
Telling me you never stopped
Telling me you though I gave up
But the one thing I wont forget
Is when you said
“I will never, ever forget you. You’re one of the reasons why Im happy and because... you mean a lot to me.”
I wanted to talk to you and sort this out
But it was too late
Because I have a flight before midnight.
Looking back to those days
Still makes me sad.
Its been a year and I still think about you.
You said you’ll never forget me
But is that enough to forget the agony?

This is actually a very long poem, but it turned out to be a personal thought so I had to cut it out. Anyways, Im sorry for being heartbroken x
Its so cold in here and so dark.
We used to be best friends I remember.
We’d play all day and sleep all through the night.
But one day you put me in a box.
I thought we were just moving again which we were….
I just wasn't going with you.
I heard a door slam.
I've been in this eternal darkness since.
I count the days hoping you’ll be back
Its been 4 years.
I'm still in this box.
There's so much dust.
The others just sleep and don’t care.
But i miss you.
I hear the door open.
Then i hear your voice.
My little heart pounds for joy.
I see light and feel warmth.
Its you my best friend again.
But it was only a second.
Then i ended up in a different box…
The door closes and here i am.
In eternal darkness.
Come back soon , old friend.
This is about my stuffed animals stuck in my storage. Its been 5 years since I've seen them. This poem was influenced by toy story 3 and how they though Andy was getting rid of them.
There's a sense of not knowing
what's going on
that happens too often
in everyone.
That lonely time
when you sit and think
about nothing
and everything
at the same time
and you don't know how to stop.
It's a sense of
and hollowness
that we don't know how to deal with.
What do I want?
I have no idea.
That thought bounces
back and forth
back and forth
inside my empty and full head.
What to do?
Just leave me
go away,
I don't want you
This blade will
only ****
the pulse under my wrist
not the demon
but I can't live like this
with this constant
black hole
swallowing me and everything
around me.
Eyes glazed over
chest excruciatingly tight
heart a thousand pieces
and head in a million directions
I breathe the next breath.
you've left him a sad mess
a sorrowful, flightless bird
his wings

and beat
and beat
and beat
and beat

against the floor where he lay
and nothing

did you enjoy it?
watching him writhe about
while you sat upon the pedestal
he placed you on

we all watched him fall
just like the others
only this time
I thought you had changed

you walked off the pedestal
to the cage
you'd left him in

and touched him
held him up
high above you

(even the stars
were jealous)

only to wring his neck
while we watched

and yet
he remains

wings broken
beyond belief

he thinks he can sing instead

*but you've taken that too
haven't you?
September 30, 2015
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