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thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
You're the drop
of my rain
glimpse of
my moon.
Meeting you, awakened
a scent of me inside.
All things behind
blundered through,
my dreams crossed,
hands with yours.
A walk with you
brings top of me.
A dance with you
brings a world in me.
Imagine, a life with you
fairy tale come true.
But you wouldn't
As you never,
saw the view.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
Faces in crowd
like moving ants
following a lead
or falling backwards
everything he's feeling.

Burst the anger
****** below
or head with hands
everything he's feeling.

Mountain of heartbeats
fountain of tears
or fruit of the sufferings
a sigh,
everything he's feeling.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
captured mirror
shining alone,
in dark room of
Belief in
image won't matter
by a word,
by you.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
Its hard to heal
No matter one would say.
Memories keep coming
feeling the absence
in it's  way.
Places you visited
lawns you sat
haunting me harder
dreaming, if you were.
World keep keeps spinning
unknown of the fact
changes occuring,
fast and fast.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
Iris twinkling
world beyond, put aside
or a bag of germs
one would  steal.
Scattered street lights
showing the way
started falling
one by one.
Rain of stars
I would say,
captured one
in my tiny little palm
for a second
it was gone away.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
Everything as statue
moments of silence
Collection of pictures
of unorganized crime.

A child with no play
Sun with no shine
Ocean was sinking
in loop of dismay.

Rendering the obvious
past and future collide
Present has no value
until time arrives.
thewi3rdthoughts Apr 2019
A ray of line,
through my window sunshine.
Chirp of birds
And chorus windchime.

Playfull green
with rhythm of dance
Waving in dream
Near flowing stream.

Far in the middle,
children fiddle
And fall with nothing to care,
on grass that hss become so fair.

Look through the window,
a painting redrawn
with more colors added
with new given life.
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