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She's the smart, popular type
The one that everyone likes
Sadly that includes me
And I know i never had a chance
Cause when I asked "Do you want to hold hands?"
She just laughed and slapped my hand away
Cause she doesn't take me seriously

I say I want to talk to you about my problems
You say sure lets talk, lets get this over and done with
But when all's said and done
You're the one having fun
I'm the one who's in tears
Cause you don't care about my fears
So I guess you don't take me seriously

I went to a doctor,  she said "You're not sick"
I talked to my friends,  they said "Stop being such a ****"
I spoke to my parents,  they said "You're such an arrogant *****"
I asked all my relatives, they said "Just stay where you belong"
I questioned my teachers, they said "We've never gotten along"
I screamed at the mirror "What did I do that was so wrong"?!
Cause no one takes me seriously
Sorry  its not happier.
And remember negative feedback is always accepted. Except when it isn't. But in this case it is.
I thought you a star
Now I'm not sure what you are
A satellite looks too  similar
When viewing it from afar
I haven't posted in so long (also its late here. I'll have to read back over this when i wake up. Make sure i haven't embarrassed myself too much.) Did anyone even miss me? *crickets chirp* Oooooooook then.
Where I stand
Hundreds of thousands of years,
I see
Among times, a time,
In the form of waves
repeatedly touch my feet on the shore

In one milliseconds
with the speed of light
I go to the back of time
response could kiss my ancestors forehead
Come back again
In front of you

I beg love to you
If you give
After a moment,
An angel carries me to Space
To learn the secrets of creation

I do not know where is the end of the road
not to return home
not even call you at all
But continuing with the dreams
Running from one end to the other end of the universe

Anywhere else in the thought
The outcome beyond what is love
Then Another bunch of waves
Seemed to push my feet again-
@ Musfiq us shaleheen
dear poet/poetess/viewers
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