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 Sep 2018 Terri
zak of all trades,
or anyone,
or someone;
who tries too hard
   to achieve the abstract
     ideas of perfection;
     who takes too much pride
   in hiding behind facades
of forced adaptations;
who relies most of the time
   on the unnecessary
     (...words, lines
       line breaks
     and the like...)
   poetic presentations;
who is anyone
because a poem
  is neither something
    nor anything;
      a poem is a part
        of a person's being
          as a poet,
        as a writer,
      or as anyone
    for that matter
  because a poem
is that person
        in words more than
and creative conotations;
        it's what encapsulates
        and transcends
        a person into being more
        than a being of oneself.
-poets, poems, and what transcend each other
 Aug 2018 Terri
when i am with you,
i feel
particles of myself
slowly sweep away
i am no more
than an empty entity
of existence.

i am
a melancholic siren;
consternation constanly emerges
from the salty ocean
i baptize myself in
to rid myself
of the blood of agony
on my lips.

sailors enchanted
by the wicked melody
i speak of;
eyes closed shut,
listening closely to
the languages
my mouth formed;
demise imbuing
their eyes
for this sonata
is bewitching yet atrocious.

yet you pay
no heed
to my woes,
even after the
nights transitioned
into light years;

i call for you,
you dare not
look back at me;
for i looked
just like everybody else,

just another
mistaken identity.
z, this one’s for you.

— The End —