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Taylor Forbez Jan 2016
There’s something I need to confess,
A matter I must address,
And if you would care to stay,
I’ll talk with you right away,

I have this major addiction,
To something that sounds to be fiction,
It melts away all my worries,
And slows down all of my hurries,

It’ll always make me feel good,
Like nothing else ever could,
And sometimes it made me feel bad,
Worse than I never had,

There’s not much to say,
I’m addicted but hey,
I’m addicted to love.
Haha, you didn't think I was talking about drugs, did you? ;)
Taylor Forbez Jan 2016
Long ago,
There was a boy,
He felt alone,
Without a joy,

All that he had,
All that he’d done,
He deserved so much less,
Than what he had won,

This boy was broken,
Shattered like glass,
He thought himself stupid,
A pain in the ***,

But then he met her,
On a cool autumn’s day,
She lit up his world,
She showed him the way,

She picked up the pieces,
No matter the cost,
And put him together,
Not a single piece lost,

She gave him her all,
And he gave her his,
And they both discovered,
What true love really is.
Just a story about a boy.

— The End —