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taylor bush Mar 2017
serial killer love 3/1/17
you've never killed anyone but you did ****** my sense of being, my hope in security, and any trust i still had left.
you never touch dead human flesh, but you made my skin melt, my heart skip, and my lungs gasp for air.
you'd never admit to it, but everything you said held my heart and your silence ripped it out.

did it feel good? making me feel bad.
do my tears get you off?
does my incapability to move on keep you going?

you are a person, but also a ****** weapon.

so next time you rip a girl apart, please stay to stitch her back together.

serial killer lover 3/2/17**
but it wasn't even love at all. it was all part of the game you were playing. you are simply a serial killer lover, and nothing more. you break hearts to add to your collection, but you have no recollection of the bruised bitten bodies you leave behind on your search for warm flesh.
taylor bush Jun 2016
i should've never let you in
let you into my world
my heart
taylor bush Jun 2016
you you you
you you
taylor bush Feb 2016
the mountains just sit there, helplessly beautiful.
bumpy and jagged,
the clouds cape over them.
and they don't realize
that every rock is in its place,
creating the perfect landscape.
and when the sun rises
over their curves
they don't see the beauty
in their layers and their history.
they allow nature to take them over,
without giving it further thought.
they let life explore its wonderland,
as the depths of the shadows get deeper,
and their peaks higher.
not even realizing the envy,
that they embrace.
although sometimes,
they do crumble and break,
under all that pressure,
but that doesn't even faze their onlookers,
because even their downfall
is a sight to see.
taylor bush Feb 2016
don't get hung up on me
because im about to hang up the phone
got him knocking at the door
silencing you

no need to call me back

it'll ring twice
then dial tone
you should've known
not to get hung up on me
because i'll hang up on you

i don't have to be nice
when you're trying too hard
to kiss me through the phone

taylor bush Feb 2016
i really want to talk to you, and lie with you, and ask you why you left without saying goodbye, and why you chose her over me, and why you couldn't wait just another short moment, because i've spent a ton without and in that time i have realized that i have nothing to say to you.
the glow you put into my eye has dimmed and the seeds you planted in my heart are dead and need to be dug up because you are dead to me.
you died the second that you sent that, interrupting my thoughts.
and now instead of feeling your thumb run back and forth along my leg, i feel my blood start to boil when i think of what you've done to me and how your hand will never have the chance to move from my calf to my thigh.
taylor bush Sep 2015
feeling belittled and trampled down
and can't seem to find out how
to make people stay

some one please tell me
why i drive people away

when you're alone so often
you start to wonder
and conclude
that it's all just you

how do i make everyone want to leave

i try so hard to show my love
but it must be wrong

it's hard to the ones that come and go
when i'm the only one still here

i get walked on because i wish on it

i just wished it wouldn't be that easy
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