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Mar 2017
serial killer love 3/1/17
you've never killed anyone but you did ****** my sense of being, my hope in security, and any trust i still had left.
you never touch dead human flesh, but you made my skin melt, my heart skip, and my lungs gasp for air.
you'd never admit to it, but everything you said held my heart and your silence ripped it out.

did it feel good? making me feel bad.
do my tears get you off?
does my incapability to move on keep you going?

you are a person, but also a ****** weapon.

so next time you rip a girl apart, please stay to stitch her back together.

serial killer lover 3/2/17**
but it wasn't even love at all. it was all part of the game you were playing. you are simply a serial killer lover, and nothing more. you break hearts to add to your collection, but you have no recollection of the bruised bitten bodies you leave behind on your search for warm flesh.
taylor bush
Written by
taylor bush  homewood
     Lior Gavra, Hayley Neininger and ---
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