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Looking back to the hidden days
I remember the hide and seek we denied we played
The absent days of distracted focus of thought.
I loved my yesterday a bit
It's reminds me of my binary dilemma of you.

Yesterday grows into today
And as I join the conference of thoughts
About the pain we passed through,
Though you, yesterday, brought them to me,
I shall consult today for my memory cleansing.
Even though, when I use yesterday to scratch the face of today for the hope of seeing tomorrow,
All I see is the moving pictures of yesterday
Looping through the blocks of codes of today.

But, I have to create
I have to debug
I have to call the functions of a peaceful lines of codes
written in my moments of distress.

Today, I clean my textarea
Willing to let go of yesterday's buggy loops
Willing to put my fingers into creative coding of my binary dilemma.
Maybe today will not return yesterday.
This I hope, as today, I crossed into a new line of moments.
willing to let go of my yesterday's buggy loops.
Willing to write a new loop of hopeful love.
New beginning...

— The End —