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MetaVerse Apr 23
The ssa sdrawkcab & ǝpᴉsdn uʍop
Transpansexual king (King Clown),
The reprobate-minded ice cream ****
Who's reprobate unto every good work,
Whose middle name is Robinette,
Is President Xi's personal pet.
What's with this fixation on isolation
During the coronavirus outbreak
Is isolation such a bad thing?
I think it's a great thing
Maybe it's because I'm introverted
Maybe it's because I'm gifted
My house is locked and loaded
Want food? I'll gift it to you
Not just you
But your friends too!
Because that's just me
Giving to those in need
Anything for humanity
I ain't letting some Chinese virus
Take away the good in me
Do I look like some Winnie-the-pooh looking fool
Who kills those who speak the truth?

Nah, my names Anthony
You may have never heard of me
But let me tell you how  I'm feeling
About China's president
I'm frustrated
I'm devastated
I wish I could help those in tragedy
You know, the ones who are forcefully locked away
By those that be
He sent people to **** those who spoke out
"There's no virus!"
But people kept speaking out
No more hiding
Now it's all over the world
All because of Xi Jinping's silence
During the first couple of weeks
And for that
He must pay

Such an awful president
How many deaths are on your hands?
How many people suffered?
It's all your fault Xi Jinping
Should be charged
For crimes against humanity.
Guess I'm CANCELLED in China. ah well, Japan number one anyway ;)
Feggyr Citack Sep 2017
-the global strongman, and how to survive him

"Our leader is a good man,
he knows what is right."
He needs no wicked science,
all he needs is strong believers.

     They don't like competence, they hate discretion.
     Cast down your glance for their eager eyes.

"Ang aming mga lider ay isang mabuting tao,
alam niya kung ano ang tama."
He is an ardent lover of justice,
killing criminal vermin at all cost.

     They want to bring you down, my friend,
     they like us unlike them.

"Wǒmen de lǐngdǎo shì yīgè hǎorén,
tā zhīdào shénme shì duì de."
He needs no shrewd lawyers,
he senses who is guilty.

     By hunger and chaos they make you foul your mouth,
     our hate and cursing will set us all apart.

"Nash lider - khoroshiy chelovek,
on znayet, chto pravil'no."
Now don't get naughty,
you know, just behave.

     Raise your head, man, raise your feeble voice:
     let's sing our songs, let's come together.

"Liderimiz iyi bir insandır,
doğru olanı biliyor."
He's towering above all of us,
he'll crush the faintest uprising upfront.

     Heureux qui comme Ulysse a fait un beau voyage
     - et puis est retourne plein d'usage et raison.

     Fortunate the guy who fared well on his travels
     - and returned, a man of the world, full of wisdom.

"Our leader is a good man,
he knows what is right."
On April 29th 1945, the gate of camp Dachau was finally unlocked by US Colonel Felix Sparks and his men. Inside they found, among other near-dead survivors, French author Robert Antelme who after the war wrote himself back into life (cf Alex Kershaw's The Liberator).

Indented lines are paraphrased quotes from Anthelme's novel The human species. The poem of Du Bellay (Heureux qui comme Ulysse) was said during a rare self-entertainment session, organized by the exhausted prisoners in order to hang on and survive the devastating final months of the war.

For describing the force behind the camps, we don't need history; just newsfeeds and Google Translate to help its all time credo come alive (in Filipino/Tagalog, simple Chinese, Russian and Turkish. The US version may also need translation, at least for some in the US).

— The End —