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Ty Jul 7
This is jus a Sample.... A Sample….
   of the way I Feel
An example, of the Life I Live

Dug deep by the layers of Time
   spread thru the Hours-
Of the days by Design

A Rhyme set forth within my mind
   of the smiles passed by in time
Here I stand present and accounted for

One day at a time, God's Design
   a fluid motion of a magic potion
Like the flames of the Fire,
life takes me higher..... by DESIGN
Ty Jun 9
We live in a world of violence
no way for us to deny this.
Every day include the things you might miss
no promises of tomorrow, not even that last kiss.

A world filled with revolving pains
dreams dissolved replaced with tear stains.
Lives shattered are guns the blame
tears hidden with walks in the rain.

No more tomorrows, heartfelt sorrows
world full of horror, no love to borrow.
No hiding place, no where to escape
nowhere is safe, we have lost our faith.

With pain and sorrows we make a wish
that one day we all get past this.
Children dying before their parents
no heart, no soul, this thing VIOLENCE!
Ty Apr 19
Walking through the store I heard people getting loud,
the louder they got the wilder they got,  soon they drew a crowd.
Everyone has an opinion, that doesn't make it a fact,
will we ever climb the hill together like Jill and that guy Jack.

A society of people split up, divided by different wages,
from poverty to wealth all on different pages.
Karen propped up riding too high in society,
only aligned with her own priority.

Race barriers only crossed by the depth of ones pockets,
institutionalized views on every ones dockets.
A persons stature dependent on their wealth,
the collective of their being hidden within so stealth.

Welcome to America home of the free,
bank account low so that don't include me.
When I get my coins up imma reach for the top,
got to get pass what they tell me, They telling me to STOP!
Ty Mar 4
Hello there pretty lady, can I talk to you?
have a conversation and share a point of view.
I saw you standing there, can I to get to know you?
let me in your world and I'll open my doors too.

Looking at the outside, I like what I see.
if the inside looks as good, you're the one for me.
I hope I fit your dreams and you like my style.
i want to get to know you, I want to make you smile.

My eyes are wide open and I'm ready for this journey.
meet me half way, new adventures for us to see.
A love story to be written, starring you and me.
let me in your life, let's see what we can be.

Hello pretty lady can I talk to you?
i find you very interesting, I hope you feel me too!
Ty Feb 7
Between the spaces hidden in my mind
lies the place I hide my heart, that no one can find.
Walls built around too high to climb
all my private feelings held over time.
Selection process run again and again.
If I let you in, I will call you my friend.

Choices made of who I choose to let through.
Only the chosen ones, only the special few.
A friend of yours doesn't make a friend of mine
the real test of that comes after time.

The people I know, they come and go
only the chosen few in my heart will grow.
I got your back for life never open for debate.
My friends for life, my friends I celebrate!
Ty Jan 6
I think you want to get me with me
I want to get with you too
The only real question is what I'm gonna do
How do I approach you, to let you know how I feel
The talking part is easy, I want you to know I'm real

We been friends for forever and that I don't ever want to lose
but if I only have one choice please don't make me choose
You're my best friend and I want you in my life
I have other friends but I want you for my wife

So how do I let you know that a choice must be made
Don't want you to get the feeling that you being played
I want to be more than friends I want to be with you
I hope you feel the same I pray that you do

The talking part is hard, I don't want to be a ghost
How do I approach you, It's us I want the most
Ty Dec 2021
What kind of way would it be, if you said you down with me
Long walks in the park, hold me close after dark
Would you whisper in my ear, let me know what you fear
Hold me close never part, keep me deep in your heart

Could it always be like that, without all the rat-a-tat-tat
or would time change us, then we fight and we fuss
Two hearts that come together, can we make it thru the weather
or will time take its toll and we wither in the cold

A love that's meant to last, can't be held by the past
Our future ahead one lane, there will be no one to blame
One book on the same page, front and center same stage
This is how it could be, if you say you down with me
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