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Sonia Ettyang Sep 2018
It was random, it was unexpected
But I felt like I've known you before , seen you before, felt you before
You looked deep into my eyes for the first time
And it felt like you pierced right through my soul
So much so, I couldn't hold your gaze any longer
But that twinkle in your eye was oh! so perfect, sigh
And your voice **** it! it struck a chord in my heart
Opening a music box full of forgotten melodies
Oh, well I think I missed a heart beat every time you'd get close
So I ran and you denied it and hid away
We pushed each other away
But I still felt you when you'd think of me
And each day you'd trespass my lucid dreams
Clouding my mind with thoughts of you
I guess it's crystal clear that there's no escaping this soul collision
We are destined hearts, together or apart
Our souls are in sync for eternity
We are forever imprinted on each other
Like prints on the palms of our hands
So lets let this  love flow endlessly
and burn,  to infinity and beyond.
©Sonia Ettyang

— The End —