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james nordlund Mar 2019
Splitting of atom,

Cloning of adam, hubris,

Leads to extinction.
Senryu I wrote 35 years ago, still ahead of its time.  For e.g., the rems make believe, because of the imperial lies the roman catholic imperial church forced them to swallow whole (supposedly the teachings of Jesus, but, not), they're against cloning of humans, yet, like their total support for the non-religious, and head of his own crime family, head of their republican conspiracy, RumputiN/vlad-the-impaler, who was installed into the Blackhouse, they're actually in support of it and will do nothing against this latest WMD global race.   reality
james nordlund Dec 2018
For the thorn's sake,
The rose is watered as well.
The rind isn’t what separates  
From fruit you wish to find,
Rather, the delusion that separation
Exists, that's within your mind.
Happy holidays, and may your New Year be new all the way through.  The grind polishes the rind, no?   reality
james nordlund Aug 2018
They say, a

Rose by any other...,

Would still...

Truly, yet, a

Direction symbolized

By a word, rose,

Fills the eye of mind,

Touches spirit,

Fathoms heart,

Aurally uplifts.

Life, taller in the

Saddle, richer in

Its roots, salutes.
Hope you all have a great Labor Day.  Thanx for all you do and don't; copy, share as you will.  Have an estival eve'.   reality

— The End —