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Sanyam Gupta Mar 2015
Daydreamed illusion,
A rusted dream in a melted fusion.
I am a disillusioned angel,
Drop a tear in my wine glass.

Look at those wild eyes,
Feel the calm fire they cry.
See what you mean to me,
Sweet cakes and milkshakes.

Limousine eyelash, oh baby what a pretty face.
A touch of sensuality and a heavenly grace.
I am a fantasy parade,
Of words that your lips spake.

To think about those nights and those hookups,
A person meant to only look up.
I won't forget you ever,
Nor would you, I know.

I could hear each of your breath,
Wondering how on your head would rest a halo wreath.
We are like broken branches flowing in a river,
I will carry you, you will carry me.

— The End —