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No matter how much times
I wish upon that star
It won’t change the fact that you’re still his puppet
Which is unfortunate because I want to see who you really are

I’ll try to be brave
Brave like a little tailor
But no matter how much I help out
It’s because of the lies, that I’ll always fail her

I’d play you a special song, in a strange little town
And all of the townsfolk would gather round
And you’d think their joy would make me happy
But no matter how hard I look there’s just one face that can’t be found

I’d flee from that town; I can’t swim across the river
But don’t worry the fox will give me a ride
But still I’m afraid I won’t make it
Because the feelings are eating me up inside

And just like prince charming
I’ll wake you with a kiss
I just want you to be happy
Because I hate seeing you like this...

— The End —