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Charles Sturies Dec 2019
Rock the boat by the Hues
Still I Wanna Get Next to you by Rose Royce
an instrumental hit - i can't think
of the name of it by Rohanon
Fly Robin Fly - by the Silver Convention
You're a Native New Yorker - I can't think
of who by
You're the One That I Want
by Olivia Newton John and John Travolta
If i Can't Have You by Yvonne Elaman
and more, more, more by
Andrea True Connection
Charles Sturies Nov 2019
You alert me to when someone is
trying to put me down and tell me what
to do.
You buck me up with a secret signal
body language wise when you can
tell I'm depressed.
you know I like to speak but
it doesn't have to be first.
You know I admire you.
Like I say I like your odor or what
I imagine your odor to be
and your clothes and your build
I've already said
finally I like to pretend
I have someone of the opposite
*** like you specifically to rely
on again.
Charles Sturies Sep 2019
Roast pork and mashed potatoes
with pork gravy on both,
biscuits and gravy,
chicken and noodles,
beef and noodles,
roast turkey and mashed potatoes
with turkey gravy on both,
BBQ chicken,
polish sausage
filling tasty
and that'll put hair
on your chest.
good grub,
sure a little fatening
but it'll make you tuff.
smother it with
and watch it disappear those bunions
I don't know
whether it's down home
but it'll stop you
from wanting to roam.
Charles Sturies Sep 2019
Santa in a rich dare red coat
the reindeer with
special decorations on them
the sleigh in a rich caramel
to contract with Santa's red
but and bags of toys in back
the sleigh over loaded with em
and the most schooled expression
in Santa's face at it
as he cracked the whip
on the reindeer
I know a little theological fantasy
this is all
there's nothing I feel
wrong with that.
Charles Sturies Sep 2019
Part African American and related to
related to Hugh Hefner
related to whatever
part Lithuanian and royal
Lithuania blood
part German
part Cherokee Indian
maybe part Polish and part English
part Mexican
part South American
maybe some middle eastern
part English maybe
and part Irish
Charles Sturies Sep 2019
by the way yeah the song "Imaginary Lover"
and the song "Secret Lovers" too
if I'm permeated with lust don't sue.
the song with the lines  "I need a lover
who won't blow my cover" comes to mind
she's gotta have a neat sign.
love hobnob
eat together over cob on the corn
it and lobster.
and make love like we're mobsters
hand in hand like go
over pupating paypal
when we flow
it just isn't low
and we know the lows
like each other minds we blow
hoho, we even love lovers glow.
Charles Sturies Sep 2019
I don't know if anyone
looks that qualified
I ko know
that rough parts of my
poetry might qualify.
and an occasional charity card
is worth saving
just in case I become famous
and go back on life for fun
and the used wrappers
let me know that latest paper back is right for ***
and the rest of the stuff
insane for men
even Ken can old daycare apartment with
and add in a pocket full of miracles
the parse water have
you fine for periodical
come in clear too
and warm
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