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SøułSurvivør Jul 2015

she put my poem
"The Rain Unseen"
(which was posted a long time ago)
on a few of the
collection sites

she went back into my
archives to find it!
it happens to be one
of my favorite poems!

there are many people who
do this. SweetPea just
gave me an inspiration

what if we did this:

rather than ♥ing a
recent poem
go back into a poet's
and look for a worthy
buried treasure?
(a good poem which never trended)

like, and
and put on the
appropriate collections

I had a wonderful response
because a lovely poet
reposted a write I'm
very proud of

Thanks to all who
have done this for me
in the past also

Put your entry under the "word"
I will be checking out what
you repost and reposting also!


— The End —