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Woodweaver Nov 2018
Manchester is drunk, and can't make it to the phone right now...
When traveling, the bravest people sometimes ask what Manchester is like.
Eric VandenBrink Sep 2015
**** *****
You only lose
Every time you hit snooze
On reality

Decisions made
Cords frayed
To some, it seems

The glassy glance
Of liquid romance
Is only a dance for two
been Dec 2014
An itch, a yearning, empty, churning,
A grip, disturbing, clenched fists, deserving, a hole screams, the depth of disease, a blackness, scratches, lies, deceit, a cry for peace, to lie in sheets, abide the feast, aside the meat

Arise to the suns best, be happy till the sunsets, me and God through spools of light, His embrace in time of hurt, I feel blessed more than I deserve, the beauty, the pure, enchanted with worth, not downtrodden disturbed, elated, a cure

— The End —