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Woodweaver Feb 9
Tears so severe
They're filling up my ear
I turn to find some ease
To find your face
Your smile, my saving grace
But all I witness now is space.
Space, constantly expanding
Held together by gravity
Souls, in planetary trajectory
Passing to experience epic prosperity
But space does not equal time
Scars do
Woodweaver Nov 2018
Manchester is drunk, and can't make it to the phone right now...
When traveling, the bravest people sometimes ask what Manchester is like.
Woodweaver Nov 2018
Green were the winds
Blue were the skies
That very first day
when we shook eyes
What a perfect reflection,
souls from forgotten lives.
Much a surprise such a cunning disguise
for a mouth so wise, and compatible size.

Blessed by the mountain
kissed by the seas
We gave thanks to Earth
for being surrounded by trees.

Dreams and bodies brewed
in our tent and the space between our knees
Torn underwear, instead of strip-tease
To fall in love
some do with ease
But to become love itself, I once struggled to believe.
Metamorphosis of an epic scale.
So blow wind blow
Into these lover's sail
Blow wind blow
And forever tell the tale
Dedicated to "Whisperwind", even though the wind no longer blows.

— The End —