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John Niederbuhl Oct 2016
Doctor, Doctor
I've trouble with my eyes

Then take these blue pills,
That's what I advise

Oh Doctor, Doctor
My bones are all sore

White pills I prescribe
They'll hurt you no more

But Doctor, Doctor
My heartbeat is waning

Take red pills for that
You'll soon be regaining

Please Doctor, please
My mind fades away

For that I have gray pills
You'll be sharper today

Its quite shocking Doctor,
My ***** is murky

Take these yellow pills
They'll clear it by Thursday

I mope around Doctor,
My mood's really flat

These rose colored pills
Will take care of that

You must help me Doctor,
In bed I'm a flop

Then try these long capsules
They'll liven things up

Tell me please Doctor,
What's inside these pills?

Why medicine, of course,
To cure all your ills
AprilDawn Apr 2014
Fragrant melon thunks
as mallet
through rind
exposing sweet smashed flesh

Ceiling high dishes
teeter perilously
while soap suds froth
on the tv screen

Dust no better
stirred up
than lying down

Copper helmet
atop bookshelf
stands guard
keeps books
in order

brewing java
fills senses with
boundless joy

Bacteria breeds
in crevices
separation of socks and briefs
Funny things I noticed around the house   a few years back.

— The End —