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Lxvi Jun 2020
I've come to terms
With the worms
Inhabit my skull

I feel blessed
By your test
Though now I'm dull

I love your lips
And your hips
But I cant stand your soul

Will you ignore
Will I score
Or will you move the goal
Winter spring summer fall
I hate anything at all
Spring summer fall winter
Clues, unsubtle hint-her
Summer fall winter spring
Would you wear my ring?
Fall winter spring summer
Sorry I am such a ******.
Scarlet McCall Sep 2016
[These are quotes taken from a New York Magazine article around 10 years ago. They are all from firefighters]

"doing funerals....getting the bunting, hanging the bunting...step by step...

When it became a myth, the whole event...

people were terrified, crapping their pants...a woman in the legs...her someone took it off with a saw.

Why did I survive?

...None of 'em were ever found. Not even a tool.

I didn't see victims. They were dust... When the wind blew, you couldn't grab them.

long spears of glass...Huge panels turned into shards...a piece of window, a small piece....It's right here in my hands now.

...can't look at a plane landing"
Not long after Sept. 11 I was getting stopped by tourists on the subway asking for directions to "Ground Zero." I was incredulous. I avoided the area until it was cleaned up. Now of course it is a memorial and an ongoing construction/development area.

— The End —