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JS CARIE Apr 2018
I'll run out of money, ideas, madness, and sanity
creativity will peak for long instances
But for you,
I will always have words!
At times I won't explain, or think, or even say what I am wondering
feelings will take over thoughts to where only words will express,
unsung, overused and independent,
made up squeezed together letters of nonsensical impressions that will run-on to appear proper
Pages of self plagiarized poetry
half finished expression to ensure you know I am spilling out with the same intuitive passion as many moons before
and until I start to give you new words, a realization takes hold of my pen and will speak up,
"you've already told her this!"
But I'll give it to you all the same. And you'll read it in privacy and feel what I have felt time and again, times 10!
I assure you that I will run out of places, originality and giving.
But for you Annie Anne,
I will always have words
weathered, and gathered
grouped and scattered
Presented for your approval
Squeezed together letters

— The End —