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Orakhal Jul 2020
We bes vibrational energy
flowing no identity to a thing there and here

expressing without having one to call source
all bes before being bes anything

human bes brought up thinking and believing
it speaks to other humans and it seems
and looks that way physically
a body makes sound and sound returns to it
but meaning bes a different kittle of fish

all goes thru you as waves and resonance
not letters numbers and pictures in the mind
its not coming to you the way you think it be
it be coming to your vibe rate
the way the body feels as you process
the information you think
no out there exists outside the mind
mind has put it there
you bes here in the all now space
creating and looking
thru and to all you created to look at

we never speak in opposition to ourselves
human has come to separating its human aspects
from its non human aspects
and battled over that for eons
human teaching human

a knowing bes not ones own
it be taught by other thinkers
some tuned way high some not
thinkers all the same
knowledge all the same

we believe openly
before thinking or believing any external stuff internally
nothing bes inserted
a body will recognise a vibe rate to suit its spin
be close to it all times
as you process information
pay attention to the body emotionally
not the information flowing thru mind space
and reaction to it
Orakhal Jul 2020
The Artificial Eye
paints numbers not essence

and lives
thru the human eye
painting essence not numbers
Orakhal Jul 2020
No thing
bes out of order

but that to order it

blame no food
on a menu
Orakhal Jul 2020
has been living not as their self

actors wearing personas created thru time and condition
representing worlds created thru influence not choice
a true human being follows and smells no scent but their own
Orakhal Jul 2020
The moment
source got a personality

humans started speaking another language
Orakhal Jul 2020
As others
not currently present
up to the head space

they be not here

and clik x

so much energy bes spent
at imaginary conversations
toward aspects of self disguised as another
Orakhal Jul 2020
will do exactly
as you wish they wouldnt do

when your wishing
they would do something else

cant stop something spinning
by spinning it more
spin else where
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