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I used to hate super hero movies
Too much CGI, too many explosions,
Characters too good to be true

That's without other problematic
Issues like female characters
Who only existed

To be the hero's fighting prize,
To be eye candy
To be bait, to be a trope for his plot

It took until Wonder Woman
For me too have a woman
I could watch be super

And even then
She was more alien
Than human

She was such perfection
And I'm a broken *****
Staring at the face of an angel

I was never going to see myself in
In Gal Gadot, I needed someone
Who could feel my pain a little

The only hero I've seen
On a Big Big Scream
Who looked an ounce like me:

Harley and they made her share
With Will Smith and
A bad script (good music though)

But thank Goddess
Thank Lucy
Thank 30 Seconds To Mars

We got Harley and
Margot Robbie and for that I
Consider myself blessed

I, Tonya made me feel like I could
Twirl around in a short skirt
With my bird fingers up
Ellison Aug 2018
Goodbye, a dastardly devious fiend
Always on the brink of disaster you leaned
And always stopped by the hero in blue
It's just a **** shame what has happened to you.

You made our hearts grow, you made them sink
You taught us that even villains have to think
And that they too want happiness and joy
And you gave us those things to every girl and boy.

Your spirit was undying, your face so inspiring
Yet your cancer forced you into sadly retiring
And Sporticus grieved with the rest of the gang
And Lazytown no longer played and sang.

But we have to move on without our purple friend
Cause his heart was filled with glee in the end
And now he plays in the bright morning sun
Just know that you were always villain number one.
Goodbye, Stefan. We knew this day would come, but it's still sad to see it.

— The End —