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Victor Esekwe Feb 2019
I had a nightmare last night.
I got into a fight over a bet and...
I stabbed my best friend Ben.
I quickly ran into my car and drove off.
I was driving so fast out of fear,
I hit a pregnant woman crossing the road.
I heard her loud screams but...
I didn't wait.
I only drove faster.
I eventually stopped to catch my breath.
I then picked up a random ******* the road.
I ended up in her place and we made love.
"Ouch" My head hurts so bad,
What a messed up dream.
Thank God am awake.
Wait?!... where is this place?...
Why is there blood on my shirt?!...
****! The random girl from my dream just walked in.
Was my nightmare....
Did I have too many bottles last night?
Or am I still dreaming?...
Oh God,
Someone, anyone...
Please wake me up.
Getting high is fun, until it leads to some very bad events...
Gabriel K Oct 2015
“No I'm not looking for random ***” she says
sips her tea
“I'm looking for a soulmate not someone with a big ****
though those things are nice.”
She tries to keep her average up
three four dates a week
Guardian Soulmates Tinder Happn
it's a numbers game
meet for coffee
who can say?
“Have you tried amyl?”
she wants to know
“I had a great date last week
this guy
took me to an expensive hotel
champagne poppers ***.
We have nothing in common
like my ex,
he's well-hung
but dumb.
It's great while I'm waiting
for something to come up
the right kinna thing;
you gotta keep on looking.”

— The End —