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Cecil Miller Apr 2016
Yes, I know that
The sun is beating down,
Pounding your back with heat
As you're working.
You're working hard
Selling memories not to be forgotten.
You think you're grown now.
You are a man
It seems to you...
And it seems to you
Only fitting
That you do what you please.
Well, you think you're free now
Like you've never been free before.
You're just another boy on the bullivard.
But can you take it,
Ooh, the harshness of this lifestyle?
As you wait for them to come along
Will you come undone?
Your time,
Your time is running,
Running out.
What are you feeling now?
I split no hairs
About the little things.
I say only what is relevant.
I see
You need a warning.
You ride like the wind
Through the pages of your life.
They change like the faces in the night.
I know your lonely.
How could you not be?
I wrote this a few years ago

— The End —